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Breen Invasion

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"Breen Invasion" (or Series 1: The Breen, later called Cold War, in Cryptic Studios' promotions, previously also known as the Breen Front) is an episode, i.e. chain of missions, about the Breen threat to the Deferi in search for Preserver technology. The missions of the episode are available to characters at level 47 and above.

List of missions of the Breen Invasion[edit | edit source]

Story Missions
Level Name Mission giver Release Date
45+ “Cold Call” Ambassador Surah August 28, 2010
45+ “Out in the Cold” Ambassador Surah September 4, 2010
45+ “Cold Comfort” Ambassador Surah September 11, 2010
45+ “Cold Case” Ambassador Surah September 18, 2010
45+ “Cold Storage” Ambassador Surah September 25, 2010
Diplomacy (Federation only)
Level Name Mission giver
48+ “The Breen Connection” Ambassador Jiro Sugihara
Patrol missions
Level Name Associated patrols Mission giver
47+ “Aiding the Deferi (Daily)” “Outpost 3 Under Siege” or “Supplies Overdue”;
“Deferi Patrol Under Attack”; “Kelvani Belt”
Ambassador Surah
47+ “Rescue Deferi Captives (Daily)” Ambassador Surah
47+ “Emancipation (Daily)” Ambassador Surah
Other daily missions
Level Name Mission giver
2+ “Outpost 3 Security” Supply Officer Maela
2+ “Ore for Outpost 3” Mining Administrator

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The diplomatic mission “Trade Deal” is available to level 1 Federation players on Starbase 39-Sierra and can be considered a "teaser" mission to the Breen Invasion.
  • Since their release most missions have been moved in the storyline, now requiring level 47 and above, instead of level 10+. However two daily missions are still available at lower levels.
  • The introduction mission “Aid the Deferi”, which was pointing the Breen Invasion-episode out to players, is no longer available.

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