Braydon Reconnaissance Hyper-Impulse Engines/Info

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Braydon Reconnaissance Hyper-Impulse Engines Mk XII
Very Rare Impulse Engine
Bind On Pickup
Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+17.5 Starship Impulse Expertise
{Improves Speed and Turn Rate)
+12.8 Flight Speed
(Efficient at High Power Levels)
+12 Flight Turn Rate
Full Impulse
All Power to Engines
+122.7 Flight Speed
Diverts all power to engines
Micropulse Overcharge
Speedboost and damaging shockwave
to self: -75% Flight Turn Rate for 4 Sec
to self: +400% Flight Speed for 4 Sec
After 4 sec, to self:-100 current Engine Power (Does not apply with the 4 piece bonus)
To enemies in a cone behind you: _____ Plasma Damage
Enemies in a cone behind you are knocked back (Only applies with the 4 piece bonus)
2 min Recharge
Value: 81,462 Energy credit icon.png