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Borg Science Bridge Officer Candidate

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BothBorg Science Bridge Officer Candidate
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Science Officer

The Borg Science Bridge Officer Candidate (or Borg Science Officer) is a Borg science bridge officer candidate that is unlocked by completing the assimilated accolade in the “Khitomer in Stasis” Special Task Force mission. There are two accolades named the same way. To get the correct accolade you must walk into an Isolinear Molecular Reconverter and die. You must do that without activating the overload. If you do activate it, the accolade won't be registered.

The Borg bridge officer candidate could then be claimed from Captain Four of Ten (U.S.S. Victory) or Commander B'Ellek (I.K.S. Chang) at Battle Group Omega after completing the mission. ~ No Longer Relevant. See: Claim

Unlike the liberated Borg Engineering Officer, this officer cannot be customised at the tailor. As such he always retains the cybernetic implants and cold pallor of a Borg drone, and cannot wear a uniform or badge.

The Borg Science Officer cannot be traded to other players.

This officer cannot be earned until Borg Collective episode unlocked.

Claim[edit | edit source]

  • The Borg Science Bridge officer can be unlocked either by running T5 project "Recruit: Starfleet Borg Science Bridge Officer" in Omega Reputation for 500 omega marks or completing the Assimilated accolade. After one of these steps it appears in Reclaim tab of the Dilithium Store.

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