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A special mechanic of ground Borg mobs is that they can adapt to the attacks of players, making further weapon attacks effectively useless against them. In order to counter this effect, the weapon frequencies have to be remodulated. The following rules apply:

  • Adaptation works on a Damage type basis (Plasma, Phaser, Disruptor, etc. each counting separately.)
  • The Borg adapt to each Players and Bridge Officers damage types separately.
  • Player summoned mobs (turrets and Security Team) have their attacks counted as coming from their creator - both for checking if they have adapted and how long it takes to adapt to that damage type for that player.
  • They never adapt to kinetic or physical damage.
  • They also never adapt to environmental damage types (fire, cold toxic, radiation, ...)
  • They can adapt to all kinds of sompek weapon's and lukari reputation wrist apparatus's electricity, and crm 200's cold damage-so environmental damage could be adaptable by them.
  • How long it takes to adapt depends on the number of damage events.
  • The amount of damage taken is irrelevant for adaptation
  • If you hit multiple targets with the same attack, each of them is counted as being hit for calculating adaptation
  • Even if they adapted to the damage type of the attack, the Borg are still subject to secondary effects (like Procs, Repel and Expose).
  • Even if the damage events are split over multiple combats they still add up.
  • The Borg NPC in the Federation Tutorial are not able to adapt. All later Borg NPCs are usually able to adapt.
  • Since adaptation works as a player based debuff, all Borg adapt to the player at the same time.
  • The Omega Tier 4 trait Omega Graviton Pulse Module seems to increase the number of damage events before adaptation by a whole order of magnitude.

When the Borg have adapted to a player's damage types, a fitting debuff ("They have adapted!") appears on the player denoting the damage type that is no longer effective. The only ways to remove the debuff are to use the proper ability or die. Ways and items that can remove the Adapted Debuff are:

  • The Frequency Remodulator, an item that can be replicated for 0 Energy credit icon.png from any ship replicator. Frequency Remodulators are also available from, and required to be equipped to complete, the mission ALL “Where Angels Fear to Tread”. It takes 4 seconds to apply new frequencies. This is the fallback method if nothing else is available. All bridge officers should be equipped with one by default. Note that you are able to move (not sprint) and do all non-attack actions while the frequencies are applied.
  • The Fractal Remodulator is identical to the Frequency Remodulator, except it only takes 3 seconds to apply. It can be crafted in the Defera Invasion Zone for fifty of each Defera Invasion material.
  • The consumable Presequenced Frequency Randomizer is applied instantly, but also consumed on use. It can also be crafted in the Defera Invasion Zone.
  • The ground Anti-Borg sets (Klingon Honor Guard, Adapted Klingon Honor Guard, Omega Force, M.A.C.O., and Adapted M.A.C.O.) have the secondary 3 item set bonus Integral Frequency Remodulator. It takes only half a second to apply with a 10 second cooldown and does not take up a device slot.

Getting the maximum amount of damage out before adaption:

  • Mix damage types. 2 Disruptor weapons, disruptor turrets and orbital strike (disruptor) are adapted against as one damage type.
  • Enter aiming mode for the +33% ranged damage
  • Use every expose effects for an Exploit, as Exploit attacks deal significantly more damage which makes a difference with the cost of remodulation added into the DPS calculations.
  • Secondary fire often has a higher DPS, so use it often even without an existing expose.
  • Avoid weapons that have a lot of damage events per attack, are AoE and/or have a high rate of fire. For the same reason avoid DoT's.
  • Avoid weapons that use multiple damage types in the same attack, unless you do not need that secondary damage type or the Borg cannot adapt to that type.
  • Use weapons that use different damage types for primary and secondary fire
  • The Anti-Borg energy weapons deal kinetic damage, which is still effective even if the weapon's main damage type has been adapted against. Note that this kinetic damage is also multiplied by successful exploit attacks.
  • Antiproton weapons high crit severity gives them the highest possible damage per attack, meaning a lot of DPS before the borg adapt. For optimal results a crit focused build is necessary.
  • Use kinetic damage wherever possible. Mortar, Melee weapons, Grenades, the TR-116B Rifle. Even Rifle Butt and Palm Strike can work in a pinch and even give you an expose.
  • Remodulate after every combat you fired a shot in. Even just getting those 1-2 shots back before the Borg adapt is always worth it if you are not under fire.
  • Use every damage resistance debuffs, expose effects and damage buffs available to your class.