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Syntax[edit source]

{{icon|Phaser {{PAGENAME}}}}<!-- Icon of one of the weapons of this weapon type - e.g. for Beam Array article, Phaser Beam Array icon can be used -->
'''{{PAGENAME}}s''' are a directed energy [[starship]] weapon with a <!-- firing arc in degrees -->° firing arc. {{PAGENAME}}s can be mounted in both the fore and aft sections of a starship. <!-- Some notes regarding the damage vs. firing arc, if applicable, and other facts of note. -->

{{energy damage types}} <!-- Inserts the standard Energy Damage Types text -->

{{energy weapon modifiers}} <!-- Inserts the standard Energy Weapon Modifiers text -->

==Base Damage Table==
{{Shipweapdmg|{{PAGENAME}}}} <!-- Inserts the proper Ship Weapon Damage table -->

{{Ship component nav}} <!-- Inserts the standard Ship Component Navigation box at the bottom -->
Anything between <!-- --> are comments and should either be replaced with the required information, or deleted.

Example[edit source]

An excellent example of the above formatting utilized correctly can be found on the Beam Array article.