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Syntax[edit source]

Below is an example of a well-formatted Injury page, using Sickbay Malfunction as an example.

| name = Sickbay Malfunction
| domain = ship
| severity = major
| prose = Sickbay Malfunction slows crew regeneration.
| effects =
: -100% Alive Crewmen strength
: -300% Crew Recovery Rate
: -300% Crew Recovery Rate strength
== Overview ==
{{icon|NAME OF INJURY}}A '''Sickbay Malfunction''' is a [[Major Injury]] that can be inflicted on a [[Starship|starship]], after it was disabled in either [[Advanced Difficulty|Advanced]] or [[Elite Difficulty]]. It will moderately decrease the starship's [[Alive Crewmen Strength]], [[Crew Recovery Rate]] and [[Crew Recovery Rate Strength]].

== Basic Information ==
* -100% Alive Crewmen strength
* -300% Crew Recovery Rate
* -300% Crew Recovery Rate strength

== Notes/References ==
{{MajorStarshipCure}}<!-- Include a default template auto-text on how to cure the injury -->

There is also a [[Minor Injury|less severe]] version of this injury: {{Injury|Sickbay Damage}}. Furthermore {{injury|Sickbay Failure}} is a [[Critical Injury|more severe]] version.<!-- Refer to other injuries that affect the same stats as this one -->

<!-- Categories - are automatically generated if you use the injuryinfobox template correctly -->

Basic Outline[edit source]

  • The Page Name: The name of the article has to follow the format "Injury: [name]", e.g "Injury: Sickbay Malfunction".
  • Template:injuryinfobox: Refer to the Documentation for a quick hands-on example on how to use this.
  • Overview: Provide a short factual description of this injury.
  • Template:icon: Upload the icon as "[name] icon.png", e.g. "Sickbay Malfunction icon.png" and then use
    {{icon|Sickbay Malfunction}}
    to use it.
  • Basic Information: List the debuffs caused by the injury.
  • Notes/References: Provide one of the following auto-text templates to explain, how to cure the injury:
Also provide pointers to related injuries, i.e. such injuries that affect the same stats as the injury, you are writing about.
  • Categories: Leave them alone, the injuryinfobox-Template will take care of everything.

Linking to Injuries[edit source]

Use the Injury template to link to articles, covering injuries.

Examples[edit source]