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Syntax[edit source]

| name = {{PAGENAME}}
| rarity = (rarity)
| type = Ground Device
| consumed = yes
| text1 = +__% Hit Points over 3.5 sec
| cost = 20
| unit = EC
A '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a '''(rarity)''' [[consumable]] out-of-combat self heal. It is a (enter description from detailed info window for food item).

Consuming {{PAGENAME}} will boost your [[Hit Point]]s by __% over a period of 3.5 seconds.

* Target: Self
* Activate: __ sec
* {{num}} Charges: 1

Notes[edit source]

  • The above format should be followed closely, so that all articles can match.
  • It is important that the article be comprised of complete, grammatically-correct sentences, despite the in-game information being sentence fragments (i.e. "Popular stew" instead of "It is a popular stew"). This also means that if the item name is plural (e.g. "Banana Pancakes"), then the "A" before the {{PAGENAME}} variable in the first paragraph of the article text should be omitted. Be sure to pay attention to pluralization.
  • No categories need to be added, as they are automatically inserted by the {{infobox}} template.
  • The {{icon}} template must be on its own separate line, the reason being that if not, it will not create a new paragraph (<p>) element, thus ruining the style formatting, and making the text beside the icon widely-spaced.
  • All article titles automatically are capitalized and spaces converted to underscores (_) when using wiki-links. So something like [[Consumable|consumable]] is redundant, as [[consumable]] will do just fine.