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Syntax[edit source]

Below is an example of a well-formatted Ability page, using Focus Fire as an example.

{{ability icons|NAME OF ABILITY}}
<!-- User Description about the skill; try to keep it factual. -->

==Basic Information==
*'''Profession:''' <!-- Profession -->
*'''Locale:''' <!-- Ground or Space -->
*'''Game Description:''' <!-- Game information about the skill -->

==Detailed Information==
* '''Used by:''' <!-- People who can use it -->
* '''Target:''' <!-- Ability primary target -->
* '''Attack Type:''' <!-- GROUND ONLY! Attack type -->
* '''System''': <!-- SPACE ONLY! System that the ability is part of -->
* '''Ability Type:''' <!-- Ability type, buff, debuff etc -->
* '''Activation:''' <!-- Activation/cast time -->
* '''Range:''' <!-- Minimum range -->
* '''Shares cooldown with:'''
** <!-- Abilities is shares a FULL cooldown with -->
* '''Starts cooldown on''':
** <!-- Ability that start a non-full cooldown on -->
* '''Modified by:'''
** Skills
*** <!-- List of skills, use {{skill|Name}}
** Stats
*** <!-- Stats that increase the abilitys potential -->
* '''Trained by:'''
** <!-- Who trains the ability, seperate by ranks -->

==Ability Ranks==
{| class="wikitable" width="100%"
! align="left" width="155" | '''Ability/User Rank'''
! width="35" | '''<span style="cursor:help; color: #6d99b6;" title="Cooldown / Recharge Time">CD</span>'''
! align="left" | Ability Effects
| '''Rank I:''' Ensign
| align="center" | <!-- Recharge/cooldown time -->
* <!-- List of effects -->

* <!-- Notes and references -->

<!-- Gallery images -->

<!-- Categories - include only the ones that apply to this Ability! (The first one always applies.) -->
[[Category:Abilities|NAME OF ABILITY]]
[[Category:Player abilities|NAME OF ABILITY]]
[[Category:Bridge Officer abilities|NAME OF ABILITY]]
<!-- You must include the NAME OF ABILITY so that it gets filed under the first letter of the Abilty name, and not "A" (because the article will always begin with "Ability: ...") -->

Basic Outline[edit source]

  • Icon: Remember to name the icons ABILITY NAME icon (Federation).png and ABILITY NAME icon (Klingon).png!
  • User Description: Fill this area with factual information about the ability in question.
  • Profession: Link to profession, example: [[Tactical]]
  • Locale: [[Bridge officer abilities#Ground Abilities|Ground]] - replace Ground with Space when applicable
  • Game Description: The exact word-for-word long description used by the game to explain the ability
  • Used by: Typical enteries: Captain, [[Bridge Officers]]
  • Target: Typical enteries: Enemy, Self, Anything alive, Group
  • Attack Type: GROUND ONLY! Delete this if not a ground entry, only use: Expose, Exploit or N/A
  • System: SPACE ONLY! Delete this if not for space entry, only use the system, such as: Beams, Deflectors, Emitters
  • Activation: The activation/case time, example: 0.25 seconds
  • Range: The range in meters or kilometers, example: 30.48 meters
  • Shares cooldown with: List abilities that share a FULL cooldown with it. Some abilities only share partial cooldowns which is listed below. An example would be Ability A cooldown is 60 seconds, when used it starts a 60 second cooldown on Ability A and Ability B.
  • Starts cooldown on: List of abilities that this ability will start a cooldown on, but not a full cooldown. Example would be using Tactical Team in space, it starts a 20 - 25 second cooldown on Engineering and Science Team abilities although their full cooldowns are more like double that.
  • Modified by: Split into two sections. List of the skills in the "Skills" section using {{skill|Skill Name}} per entry. For "Stats" list the stats that affect the ability, such as: Deflectors, Deflector Field, Weapons Power, Auxiliary Power, Hazard System.
  • Trained by: list who trains the ability by rank, example: [[Kit]] (All ranks), [[Bridge Officer Training]] (Rank I), [[Skill: Skillname|Captain training]] (Rank III). Split each one onto a seperate line. For "Captain training" link the words to the ability that unlocks the Rank III ability. Such as if I was creating an ability article for Photon Grenade, I'd create that line as: [[Skill: Grenades|Captain Training]] (Rank III) as the Grenades skill unlocks Photon Grenades III.
  • Ability Ranks table: Ignore the table headings, add information per table row. When listing effects write them as how they appear in the ability description in-game. Use the "abilityname" class wrapped in a <span> for bolded teal words, example: Applies <span class="abilityname">Photon Grenade III</span> to target.
  • Notes/references: Add any notes about the ability or references used here.
  • Gallery: Add images about the skill, such as a screenshot or the ability in action or it's graphical affect. Don't use the ability icon as it's shown at the top of the article.
  • Categories: Use the categories as outlined in the Syntax above. Remove, as applicable, Player abilities or Bridge officer abilities categories. There may be lots of abilities that are both, such as the majority of ground abilities.

Examples[edit source]