Black Ops Mine Launcher

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Black Ops Mine Launcher icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Black Ops Mine Launcher
Very Rare Ship Aft Weapon
Character Bind On Pickup
Cannot Equip more than 1 of this Item
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Black Ops Mines

Mixed Mine Field

Create 2x Blackout Mines and 2x Blade Mines
Chase Range: 4 Km.
Blackout Mines: _ Kinetic Damage (20% Shield Penetration), up to 2x damage based on Foe's Shield Percent, and Hold for 3 sec
Blade Mines: _ Physical Damage (100% Shield Penetration) each sec, then _ Kinetic Damage (20% Shield Penetration) after 60 sec
15 sec recharge
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

Black Ops Mine Launchers are a type of Ship Weapon.

Mine launchers drop a series of automatic mines. When a hostile target gets close, the mines will activate the Tractor Beam and slow or stop vessels.

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

The Black Ops Mine Launcher can be obtained as Very Rare auto-scaling item; its level equals the character's level +1. The auto-leveling ability caps out at character level 50, enabling the Gear Upgrade option on this item.

Gear Upgrade[edit | edit source]

Mine Launchers can be upgraded using the Projectile Weapons Tech Upgrades or assorted Universal Tech Upgrades. This item will receive an additional modifier on successful quality improvement:

Ultra Rare [Dmg] +X Damage
Epic [Dm/Dm] +X Damage

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The Black Ops Mine Launcher is reclaimable by accounts who completed the “Crystalline Cataclysm” Featured TFO, which ran from 6 June, 2019 to 27 June, 2019.

It can now be purchased from the Zen Store for 8,000 Zen small icon.png under the name Black Ops Mine Launcher as part of "Mudd's Market", though it periodically goes on massive discounts (upwards of 60% during special promotional sales).

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