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Black Nanopulse Mek'leth

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Black Nanopulse Mek'leth icon.png
Uncommon icon.png
Black Nanopulse Mek'leth
Uncommon Ground Weapon
Character Bind On Pickup
Unique - Max of one per character
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Mek'leth Slash
Expose Attack

A Basic Mek'leth attack

61.3 Physical Damage (153.2 DPS) (80% Shield Penetration)
+20 Critical Severity
Mek'leth Slash
Exploit Attack

A Basic Mek'leth attack

91.9 Physical Damage (153.2 DPS) (80% Shield Penetration)
+20 Critical Severity
Value: __ Energy credit icon.png

Black Nanopulse Mek'leth is a melee weapon available from the Holiday Item Vendor in Q's Winter Wonderland

Note[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike other nanopulse weapons from Winter Wonderland, this weapon does not deal additional plasma damage.
  • The nanopulse Mek'leth is rather larger than that of a standard Mek'leth.

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