Black Alert Tribble

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The Black Alert Tribble is a Tribble: a cute, round, furry creature that purrs when touched, and has a tranquilizing effect on most races.

This Tribble is Polygeminus grex stamets

Stats[edit | edit source]

  • Targets Self
  • 1.25 sec activate
  • 6 sec recharge
  • Removes all previous Tribble Buffs
  • Persists through death for 3,600 seconds
  • +2% Run Speed for 3,600 seconds
  • +3% Maximum Hit Points for 3,600 seconds

Description[edit | edit source]

This breed was first discovered by accident, having suddenly appeared within the primary food stocks of

the Corvan II mining facility. it was quickly quarantined and sent back to Earth for further study... but

disappeared again during transit. The precise means of it's transport is unknown, and matches no known

unclassified documentation.

Tribble Run Speed/Hit Points Buff[edit | edit source]

Petting this sub-species of tribble has been shown to subtly manipulate the space-time continuum as it relates

to the individual. Operation is recommended only for the most adventurous captains, and those seeking to

discover new experiences.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This Tribble was introduced through a partnering of and STO ( Where, with the purchase of one of four qualifying "Large" Tribbles (The Triolic Tribble, the Gamma Quadrant Tribble, the Radan Tribble, or the Winter Tribble) you would also receive a code on a tag attached to the Tribble which would allow you to claim the Black Alert Tribble in-game on any and all characters you desire. Additionally a chanced-giveaway was held from July 15th to July 21st 2019 where eight winners received a Black Alert Tribble as well as an Age of Discovery Starter Pack, (Though this was limited to PC only). Since that time there have been subsequent TribbleToys giveaways and it's possible we'll be seeing more in the future.
  • The Black alert can be bred to create the Mycelial Tribble an "Improved" version of the Black Alert, at the cost of one Lobi crystal to purchase the Sautéed Shiitake. Of interest is the fact that the base Tribble (The Black Alert) is not "Consumed" upon eating the dish, allowing both Tribbles to be kept.
  • This Tribble (along with the aforementioned Mycelial) has a different petting animation and sound then any other Tribble currently in game, and one of the most unique (Video of the animation).