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FederationBenjamin Walker
Military Rank:
U.S.S. Pastak
Voiced by:
Tim Simmons

Captain Benjamin Walker is a Human Starfleet officer who commands the timeship U.S.S. Pastak in the 29th century.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Temporal Ambassador”: The Pastak travels to 2409 to help the U.S.S. Enterprise-C escape the Tholians and return to 2344. Walker also removes the player from the Enterprise so that they do not travel out of their native time period.
  • “Stormbound”: After Kal Dano's timeship is lost in a temporal vortex, Walker arrives in the Pastak and helps the player repel Tholian attackers. With the player's help, he tracks Dano to the 22nd Century. The player is able to use the Pastak's transporter to beam Dano aboard; however, by the time of his retrieval, Dano had been dead for decades.
  • “Time and Tide”: Captain Walker brings the player to the future to witness the signing of the Temporal Accords; however, the ceremony is attacked by Krenim a future version of Noye. Walker and the player rescue the delegates from the Krenim, and prevent both the Krenim and the Na'khul from destroying the facility at New Khitomer. Walker accompanies the player back to 2410 to confront Noye, who is ultimately able to escape.
  • “The Temporal Front”: Walker joins the player at the Alliance Summit on New Romulus after a Na'kuhl agent, Krog, attempts to assassinate Federation President Okeg. He and the player travel to the Na'kuhl System in the 29th Century.
  • “Ragnarok”: Walker participates in the Battle of Procyon V, and is present at Chekov's briefing.

Other involvement[edit | edit source]

  • "Gentle Repose": Captain Walker commands Pastak on a mission to track the Na'kuhl, who have been seeding operatives throughout the timestream, beginning in the 22nd Century. Walker determines that the Tholians are leaving operatives in the 23rd Century who will disrupt the alternate timeline created in “Temporal Ambassador”, in which the Tholians have conquered the Federation. By preventing the player and the crew of the Enterprise-C from correcting the timeline, the Na'kuhl will essentially be able to destroy the Federation. Walker orders his crew to have the Na'kuhl agent captured by a Romulan temporal agent of the 23rd Century, T'lerru.
  • "'Time and Tide' Episode": In a log entry, Captain Walker reveals his latest mission: to bring one of the greatest captains in history to witness the signing of the Temporal Accords. The early 25th Century, from which the recruit originates, represents the time when the Federation and its allies began to explore the frontier of time itself.
  • "Preemptive Planning": Commander Nereda confers with Captain Walker about the Na'kuhl agents being seeded throughout the timestream. Realizing that they can begin to predict the actions of the Na'kuhl rather than simply react, they begin to suspect that the Na'kuhl may be targeting the infamous U.S.S. Enterprise, and the entire Enterprise legacy.
  • "The Aftermath": Walker and Commander Nereda discuss the recent disruption of the Temporal Accords ceremony. They speculate that Noye has joined forces with a group of Na'kuhl led by Vosk, as well as the Sphere Builders. They agree that they should contact Daniels, who has experience with both Vosk and the Sphere builders, for assistance.
  • "Diplomatic Fallout:"Captain Walker and Commander Nereda meet with Commander Drij, an Orion operative of the KDF Special Security Division at New Khitomer. Drij is an expert on the Na'kuhl, having spent two years participating in an undercover mission infiltrating their Seven Families, a criminal organization. While Drij does not believe the Seven Families to be directly involved in the New Khitomer attack, she hypothesizes that Vosk is receiving financial support from them. She further suggests that elements of the Na'kuhl and Krenim are working together out of mutual interest, though their alliance seems unstable. Drij reports a rumor that Vosk's forces operate from a well-hidden space station - possibly one which exists outside the timeline.
  • "Once Per Year": Captain Walker views a hologram sent to him by Commander Nereda as a birthday gift: a documentary featuring a distant ancestor, John Williams Walker. Unexpectedly, Walker sees a Na'kuhl agent in the recording. He shows his finding to Nereda, and they realize that the Na'kuhl have been sending temporal agents to disrupt Walker's ancestral timeline. Walker orders Nereda to expand their search parameters to include Earth's history of monsters and supernatural folklore in hopes of finding Na'kuhl agents. Walker also orders Nereda to prepare to assume command of the Pastak in the event that the Na'kuhl succeed in tampering with Walker's history.
  • "Tears of Hadrian": Walker interrupts a lecture on temporal mechanics led by Professor Maureana Barkley in order to seek the professor's help with an urgent matter.
  • "Steel and Karma": Captain Walker and Professor Barkley uncover evidence of an attempted assassination of a distant relative of Akira Sulu in an attempt to destroy the Sulu family line.
  • "The Demon of Whitechapel": * Ensign Jacob Black, under the orders of Captain Walker, visits London in 1888. There are concerns that the Redjac entity, also known as Jack the Ripper, was under Na'kuhl control. Ensign Black is attacked and possessed by the entity, which then kills its Na'kuhl "handler." Black is captured and returned to the Pastak, but cannot be separated from Redjac. Regretfully, Walker informs Nereda that they must exile Ensign Black to a planet consistent with historical records regarding Redjac's movements, in order to preserve the known timeline.
  • "My Own Worst Enemy": Captain Walker and Commander Nereda observe a holodeck recreation of their Mirror Universe counterparts, of the I.S.S. Pastak, wreaking havoc on the timeline, including destroying the U.S.S. Enterprise and destroying Qo'noS. While these plots have already been foiled, Command wants Walker and Nereda to be acutely aware of the dangers posed by temporal agents from the Mirror Universe.
  • "Ripples": Aboard the Pastak, Lieutenant Ayobami Ibori and Commander Nereda summon Captain Walker from his ready room. They have identified an example of a unique type of temporal anomaly - one which creates two separate "blips" in the fabric of time, at different points. However, they are unable to find the secondary anomaly. Concerned, they call Daniels for a consult. Daniels assures them that he will find the secondary anomaly with the assistance of a certain captain, whereupon they can integrate the two anomalies to stabilize the timeline. Daniels asks Walker to take the Pastak to make contact with the primary anomaly - Admiral T'nae.

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