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Accolade Text:[edit | edit source]

Discover all the artifacts held by Starfleet HQ in “Vorgon Conclusions”.[edit | edit source]

  • Item #: 020290
    • Designation: Tox Uthat
      Lead Researcher: Dr. Masayuki Takahata
      Discovery: Jean-Luc Picard - Risa, 2366
      Quantum phase inhibitor designed by Kal Dano in the 27th century. After recovering the artifact, Jean-Luc Picard employed an elaborate ruse to deceive would-be treasure hunters (see 'Transporter Code 14'). As a result, the galaxy at large believes the Tox Uthat was destroyed.
  • Item #: 051104
    • Designation: Augment Embryonic Tissue
      Lead Researcher: Dr. T.S. Huxley-Bain
      Discovery: [CLASSIFIED] - Cold Station 12, 2154
      Embryonic tissue samples collected from Human Augments at facility Cold Station 12. Currently kept in stasis by order of Section 31.
  • Item #: 070369
    • Designation: "Overwhelm and Devastate"
      Lead Researcher: Unassigned
      Discovery: Benton Reeves - New York City, Earth
      Archival copy of Colonel Philip Green's manifesto published in 2032, detailing his military philosophy and tactics along with his plans to purify humanity.
  • Item #: 010887
    • Designation: S'harien Sword
      Lead Researcher: Dr. S'vinn
      Discovery: Sarek - Vulcan's Forge, 2277
      A blade of uncanny sharpness and strength, forged by the legendary Vulcan Blacksmith S'harien.
  • Item #: 031167
    • Designation: "Alice" Class Android
      Lead Researcher: Dr. Amelia Utley
      Discovery: Harcourt Fenton Mudd - Mudd's World, 2268
      Inert android of Andromedan origin. Android colony at Mudd's World disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
  • Item #: 172313
    • Designation: FNORD
      Lead Researcher: [REDACTED]
      Discovery: [REDACTED] - [REDACTED]
      [REDACTED] use of this [REDACTED] has not been approved by Section 31. All [REDACTED] must be immediately reported to the Daystrom Institute on [REDACTED]. Fnord.
  • Item #: 070409
    • Designation: Red Matter
      Lead Researcher: Dr. C'kenn
      Discovery: [CLASSIFIED] - [CLASSIFIED]
      Sample of controversial "Red Matter" substance; believed to be capable of creating localized singularities. Joint study project with Vulcan Science Institute.
  • Item #: 040682
    • Designation: Genesis Device
      Lead Researcher: Unassigned
      Discovery: [CLASSIFIED] - Regula I Station, 2285
      Reconstructed using the research material of Drs. Carol and David Marcus. Highest-restriction status by order of Section 31.
  • Item #: 011855
    • Designation: Escape Pod
      Lead Researcher: Dr. Paige Eisen
      Discovery: Reginald Barclay - Luna, 2377
      Originated from the Mirror Universe. Entered our dimension in 2377 and crashed near Tranquility Base. Pod contained a single canine occupant in a state of temporal suspension, designation "Porthos." Subject was integrated into a safe environment by Reginald Barclay after considerable rehabilitation.
  • Item #: 281091
    • Designation: Ktarian Game Sim Device
      Lead Researcher: Unassigned
      Discovery: William Riker - Risa, 2368
      Device utilizes a sophisticated virtual gaming interface. The game rewarded the player’s successes by stimulating the pleasure center of the brain, creating a psychotropic addiction affecting higher reasoning. Repeat use could render the player completely submissive.
  • Item #: 040404
    • Designation: The Lair of Doctor Chaotica
      Lead Researcher: Dr. Ute Kinnison
      Discovery: St. John Schulyer - Deep Space Station K-7, 2404
      A holodeck memory module unit containing a Captain Proton simulation in where the holocharacter of Doctor Chaotica achieved sentience. Inspired by data on the Excalbians, Chaotica formed a "Legion of Timeless Villainy" composed of holographic recreations of infamous evildoers. The Legion attempted to escape the confines of the holosuite in where the program was running, without success. The memory module was remanded to Section 31 shortly thereafter.
  • Item #: 030568
    • Designation: Beta-5 Computer Unit
      Lead Researcher: Unassigned
      Discovery: [CLASSIFIED] - New York City, 1969
      Sophisticated computer system of unknown make and origin. Recovered from the personal effects of agent Gary Seven by temporal operatives. Believed to be in a self-imposed state of operational stasis.
  • Item #: 160267
    • Designation: "The Struggle Undying"
      Lead Researcher: Dr. Hamish Lafayette
      Discovery: Juliette Caras - Ceti Alpha V, 2286
      Manuscript; author Khan Noonien Singh. The first portion of the manuscript is autobiographical, and the remainder covers a broad plan of conquest, including an intention to "augment all that lives."
  • Item #: 221196
    • Designation: Borg Queen Remains
      Lead Researcher: [CLASSIFIED]
      Discovery: [Classified] - USS Enterprise-E, 2373
      Believed to be inert, though preservation in the highest security fields is in effect by order of Section 31.
  • Item #: 040133
    • Designation: Auxiliary Data Core
      Lead Researcher: [CLASSIFIED]
      Discovery: [CLASSIFIED] - [CLASSIFIED]
      Recovered from the wreckage of a Federation starship, designation USS Kelvin NCC-0514. Transdimensional in origin; contents remain under highest security clearance access.
  • Item #: 150496
    • Designation: Agrathi Memory Implant System
      Lead Researcher: Dr. Uliet'kha
      Discovery: [CLASSIFIED] - Agrathi System, 2375
      Developed for the Agrathi penal system, these implants are capable of placing memories into a sentient being’s brain. Under review by Section 31 for potential use in espionage and interrogation.
  • Item #: 161187
    • Designation: "Thought Maker"
      Lead Researcher: Dr. Uliet'kha
      Discovery: Qolliv - Feringinar, 2398
      Powerful psionic control device capable of rendering a sentient being highly susceptible to suggestion and mental dominance. Origin of this advanced technology is unknown; the leading theory suggests that the mechanism is of Hur’q creation, though evidence to support this theory is circumstantial at best.
  • Item #: 230268
    • Designation: Kelvan Command Weapon
      Lead Researcher: Dr. Henri Klassen
      Discovery: Montgomery Scott - [CLASSIFIED], 2268
      Portable weapon used by Kelvan explorers. The weapon can render living targets immobile through a high-powered neural field. It can "distill" a target, placing it into a state of suspended animation within a cuboctahedron solid that contained its physical and mental components.
  • Item #: 301089
    • Designation: Menthar Aceton Assimilator Trap
      Lead Researcher: Unassigned
      Discovery: [CLASSIFIED] - Orelicus System, 2366
      Recovered from the remains of Orelicus IX, this ancient tactical system was capable of draining the power systems of a starship at a rapid rate, rendering it immobile and surrounding it with a field of lethal radiation.
  • Item #: 181194
    • Designation: "It's Green"
      Lead Researcher: Unassigned
      Discovery: Hannah Simkins - Veridian III, 2371
      An amazingly potent liquor of unknown origin, identifiable only by its bright, verdant coloration. Often confused for Aldebaran Whiskey, this alien libation is reportedly strong enough to render a Kelvan intoxicated. Recovered from the wreckage of USS Enterprise-D.
  • Item #: 200968
    • Designation: Eymorg Pain Band
      Lead Researcher: Dr. Kolth
      Discovery: James T. Kirk - Sigma Draconis IV, 2268
      Remote-controlled belt-mounted discipline system utilized by the Eymorgs of Sigma Draconis VI to control their Morg slaves through the infliction of intense pain.
  • Item #: 301066
    • Designation: Android Duplicator
      Lead Researcher: Dr. Ian Wilson
      Discovery: Dr. Roger Korby - Exo III, 2266
      Device used to create a physically exact duplicate of a living being, complete with their thoughts and memories. Device contains the logs, research, notes and data related to Dr. Roger Korby’s work on Exo III.
  • Item #: 080368
    • Designation: M5A-23
      Lead Researcher: Unassigned
      Discovery: [CLASSIFIED] - [CLASSIFIED]
      A replication of the original M5 Multitronic Unit computer designed by Dr. Richard Daystrom. The M5A project continued years after the original ended in failure; 23 iterations were constructed, each with the same fatal flaw as the original. After a Section 31 research facility was annihilated by a rogue M5-A unit, the project was terminated.
  • Item #: 131202
    • Designation: Chateau Picard (2346)
      Lead Researcher: Unassigned
      Discovery: [CLASSIFIED] - La Barre, 2346
      An estate red wine produced at the Picard vineyards in France. Curiously, it has highest-security designation from Section 31, despite an apparent lack of strategic or scientific value.
  • Item #: 291266
    • Designation: Telepathic Receiver Unit
      Lead Researcher: Unassigned
      Discovery: [CLASSIFIED] - Omicron Delta system, 2267
      Obtained from the "Shore Leave Planet," this unit is part of a mechanical telepathy system utilized to determine a subject’s desires and needs. Attempts at reversing the technology in order to project thoughts and desires have been unsuccessful to date. The project was suspended after the "White Rabbit Incident" took place in Admiral Brand’s office.