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Baseball pennants hanging on Deep Space 9
Sisko's baseball preserved in his old office

Baseball is an ancient Earth sport that was played between the 19th and mid-21st centuries. Some popularity was maintained into the 24th century with at least one team present on Cestus III (the Pike City Pioneers). Benjamin Sisko was also a major fan of the game and in 2375 he got the crew of Deep Space 9 to play a game against the crew of the U.S.S. T'Kumbra. (If Wishes Were Horses, Take Me Out to the Holosuite)

Following this, Rom, who really enjoyed the game, talked about it for weeks and put a huge sum of money into a new interstellar baseball league. He even brought a professional team, the Ferenginar Liquidators, however Quark deems them to be no good, citing the fact that they were beaten by the Caitian Claws 18-4 even though they were cheating. Quark discusses this after finding baseball paraphernalia in T'Ket's trophy room. ( “Quark's Lucky Seven”)

In 2389 Jean-Luc Picard helped draft a peace treaty between Klingon Empire and the Gorn Hegemony that was conditional on the Gorn losing a game of baseball against the Pike City Pioneers.

Leagues[edit | edit source]

Pennants from the interstellar leagues are hung from the upper level of Deep Space 9 in recognition of its baseball heritage.

  • Deep Space Nine Niners (Deep Space 9)
  • New Berlin Craters (Luna)
  • Utopia Planitia Workbees (Mars)
  • Shikahr Logicians (Vulcan)
  • Jupiter Station Stem Bolts (Jupiter Station, Sol)
  • Terra Nova Supernovas (Terra Nova)
  • London Kings (Earth)
  • Bozeman Titans (Earth)
  • Caitian Claws (Lyncis System)
  • Pike City Pioneers (Cestus III)
  • Ferenginar Liquidators (Ferenginar)
  • Orion Buccaneers (Orion System)
  • Lake Armstrong Eagles (Luna)
  • Andoria Blue Bores (Andoria)
  • Deneb V Slime Devils (Deneb V)
  • Janus VI Heatwave (Janus VI)

Notes[edit | edit source]

Baseball outfits (from the above teams), foods and emotes are available to purchase from the Risian Vendor.

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