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Information giver
Intelligence operative
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Research Lead B'Eler is a Klingon researcher stationed at Ganalda Station. She also serves as a member of House Pegh.

B'Eler's mother was a servant of the House of D'Ghor before it fell; she does not know or care who her father was. She served aboard the I.K.S. Azetbur for about one year, but disliked life on a warship, and disliked her commanding officer even more. It was during this time that she met K'men, who later helped her get her current position at Ganalda. Her role is to study captured weapons and technology on behalf of the Klingon Empire.

B'Eler was suspicious of K'men when she first met him, but has come to trust and respect him, along with the rest of Klingon Intelligence.

B'Eler is the mate of Trevana.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • KDF “Spin the Wheel”: The player travels to Ganalda and informs B'Eler about the Devidian presence at Drozana Station. She provides the player with the Synchronic Distortion Prototype Rifle, a prototype Starfleet weapon that was recovered from the U.S.S. DeWitt. She claims she can modify the weapon to be effective against Devidians, and promises to send the finished weapon to K'men when she is finished.
  • ALL “House Pegh”: The player encounters B'Eler aboard the I.K.S. Hegh. She provides a briefing on the likelihood of causing an Omega chain reaction when the team destroys Omega generators discovered in the Dinasia System. She agrees that it may be wise to first stabilize any Omega molecules they encounter before destroying the generators. During the mission, B'Eler decrypts information from the Iconian network and discovers that one of the Iconians, T'Ket, is in the Dinasia facility.

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