Automated Personnel Unit Commander (Cravic)

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CravicAutomated Personnel Unit Commander
APU (Cravic).png
Sakari System

An unnamed Automated Personnel Unit is a Cravic representative encountered by the player in 2410, in Sakari System.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • ALL “Sakari System Patrol”: Cravic unit lays claim on the chromodynamic power modules a Talaxian freighter was carrying. The player can side with either the Pralor or the Cravic or none at all, destroying the cargo.

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Automated Personnel Unit
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Details Automated Personnel Unit
Ground Forces None
Starships Cravic APU Frigate • Cravic APU Battleship • Pralor APU Frigate • Pralor APU Battleship
NPCs Automated Personnel Unit Commander (Cravic) • Automated Personnel Unit Commander (Pralor)
NPC starships None