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NeutralAtosee Prime

Atosee Prime from orbit

Native Species:
Atosee System
Balancar Sector
Alpha Quadrant

Atosee Prime is a planet in the Atosee System and the homeworld of the Atosee, an alien civilization on the verges of the explored space in the Alpha Quadrant. In 2410, the planet was annihilated by a Tzenkethi protomatter projectile.

History[edit | edit source]

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • Faction Khitomer.png “The Renegade's Regret”: In her debrief, former Coalition Captain Neth Parr recounts the Tzenkethi attack on Atosee Prime. Tzenkethi detected the presence of Drantzuli eggs on the Atosee homeworld and dispatched a fleet led by Admiral Aarn Tzen-Tarrak to annihilate them. Upon reaching the planet, Tzenkethi were greeted by Hale Etunem, a representative of Atosee people. She attempted to reason with Tzenkethi, explaining that the Atosee were aware of their crusade and had moved all of the eggs to an uninhabited moon in orbit. C.S.S. Steadfast scanned both the planet and the moon verifying her claims, but this failed to change Tzen-Tarrak's resolve to destroy the planet, just as a precaution. When Neth Parr refused to launch a protomatter torpedo, the Admiral did it himself, killing Hale Etunem, as well as every other living Atosee on the planet's surface.

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