Assignment: Rescue Butterfly from Death by Trampling

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Faction FEDKDF.png Rescue Butterfly from Death by Trampling
Location Type:
Temporal Beacon
Cxp science icon.png Science
Requires duty officers:
Base outcome chances:
  • Critical Success: 3%
  • Success: 23%
  • Moderate Success: 74%
Commendation XP:
869 Cxp science icon.png
93 Cxp recruitment icon.png
You will receive the following reward:

Summary[edit | edit source]

Temporal disturbances in this sector are at an all-time high. Anomalous readings all point to a freak hurricane on Risa which will lead to the demise of several prominent figures. Stop this disaster before it occurs!

Variations[edit | edit source]

This assignment is unique.

Requires[edit | edit source]

Outcome[edit | edit source]

Final outcome: Moderate Success

Your agents successfully averted the time incursion, but were forced to reveal themselves to natives of the time. Unknown risk of timeline contamination. Follow-up investigation advised.

Final outcome: Success

Your agents successfully averted the time incursion. Risk of timeline contamination negligible.

Final outcome: Critical

During the course of your crew's successful assignment, a valuable temporal asset was identified and recruited to assist as a member of your crew.

Notes[edit | edit source]