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Arena is a commonly known style of Player versus Player team-based game play, and is used in quite a few MMORPGs and first person shooters. In Star Trek Online, players must eliminate a certain number enemy combatants. Once one team has eliminated a required number of enemies, it wins the game. Players that are eliminated are allowed to respawn after a timer.

The Cracked Planetoid map is also available as a small craft-only arena.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Arena currently includes many maps in both space and on ground such as:

  • Assimilated Cruiser (Ground)
  • Briar Patch (Space)
  • Cracked Planetoid (Space)
  • Deserted Facility (Ground)
  • Solar Wind (Space)
  • Ghost Ship (Ground)

All are playable by accessing the PvP queues in the Mission Journal. Although both factions employ identical maps, the in-game locations of each arena are different for Starfleet and Klingon players (and their respective Romulan Republic allies):

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Stay with a group of allies and use the environment to cut enemy line of sight if needed. In space don't let yourself be cut off from your team by the enemy -- if this does happen you will be attacked and you will probably be destroyed.