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An Anomaly or anomalous reading is a node from which R&D Materials are gathered, for use in Crafting. Anomalies are found both on the ground and in space, and are marked in the game's HUD with a red indicator that appears when a player is nearby.

Types of Anomalies[edit | edit source]

Anomalies come in three varieties. Anomalies of a certain type yield R&D Materials of a corresponding type.

Energy Physical Technological
Ground Energy Anomaly (Ground).png Physical Anomaly (Ground).png Technological Anomaly (Ground).png
Space Energy Anomaly (Space).png Physical Anomaly (Space).png Technological Anomaly (Space).png

Finding Anomalies[edit | edit source]

Scanning the area
No anomalous readings

Anomalies can be found in most mission locations. Klingon players can also find anomalies in large quantities by completing sorties, which can be repeated every thirty minutes.

When in system space or on the ground, anomalies in the local vicinity can be found by scanning the area. To do this, players should click the Ui scan button.png 'Scan Area' button in the top right of the game's HUD. The game will display a message indicating how many anomalies are left in the area, and a scanning beam will indicate the direction in which the nearest anomaly may be found. If there are no anomalies left, the scanning animation will turn red.

Scanning Anomalies[edit | edit source]

To produce anything useful from an anomaly, players must scan them to gather R&D Materials. In space, the player's ship must be within 6.75 km of the anomaly in order to scan it and collect materials. If the player moves out of range of the anomaly, scanning will be aborted and the player will not be able to collect materials. On the ground, the player must remain stationary while scanning. Players cannot scan anomalies whilst under attack, either on the ground or in space.

When scanning an anomaly, the player has the opportunity to gather additional R&D Materials by matching the waveform of the anomaly in the waveform modulation mini-game. Failing the mini-game simply means that a reduced number of materials will be gathered.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Before the crafting system revamp introduced as part of Season 9.5 on 17 July 2014, Anomalies yielded Data Samples and rare Particle Traces. They have been removed since, including all Exploration Clusters previously serving as a major source for samples & traces.
  • In space, the players ship can be moving whilst scanning anomalies.