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Alphabetic list of locations

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This page is intended for players of Star Trek Online who need to find a certain system or other location but have no idea where to go or how to get there. You don't really need the Sector column if you're navigating using the in-game System List map feature (which you really should be doing).

For an atlas of all the Sectors and Sector Blocks available in the game, check out the Galaxy article.

List (Alphabethical)[edit | edit source]

System/Location Sector (Old) Sector (New) Quadrant
13 Ceti - Mizar Alpha
Acamar Azure Azure Beta
Aelas Vendor Breen Beta
Afehirr Onias Gasko Beta
Agrama Sierra Agrama Beta
Aido Onias Unroth Beta
Aihai Devron Dimorus Beta
Ajilon Archanis Archanis Beta
Aldebaran Aldebaran Aldebaran Beta
Algira Algira Algira Alpha
Alhena Donatu Boreth Beta
Alini Galdonterre Alini Beta
Altair - Tellar Alpha
Alth'ndor Mylasa Iconia Beta
Al'yans Kotaba Kotaba Delta
Andoria Vulcan Vulcan Beta
Andoss Dorvan Betazed Alpha
Aokii Dorvan Betazed Alpha
AR-558 - Denobula Alpha
Arawath Arawath Arawath Alpha
Archanis Archanis Archanis Beta
Archer Narendra Narendra Beta
Argala Syllerran Syllerran Delta
Argelius Argelius Argelius Beta
Aria Almatha Minos Korva Alpha
Arucanis Arm Celes Celes Beta
Aspet - Breen Alpha
Ayala Kassae Kassae Beta
Azha Aldebaran Aldebaran Beta
Azlesa Expanse B'Moth B'Moth Beta
Azure Nebula Azure Azure Beta
Ba'aja Aldebaran Ba'aja Beta
Badlands Cardassia Cardassia Alpha
Bajor Bajor Bajor Alpha
Battle Group Omega Cestus Noro Beta
Bavar Arawath Arawath Alpha
Bepi 113 Donatu Boreth Beta
Beta Lankal Nimbus Mempa Beta
Beta Penthe Qu'Vat Mempa Beta
Beta Thoridor Nimbus Mempa Beta
Betazed - Betazed Alpha
Betreka Nebula Almatha Betazed Alpha
Beytan Vulcan Vulcan Beta
Bhea Vulcan Vulcan Beta
B'lii Kora Cardassia Alpha
B'Moth - B'Moth Beta
Bomari Risa Risa Beta
Boreth B'Moth Boreth Beta
Borg Battlefield Syllerran Syllerran Delta
Breen - Breen Alpha
Breshar Bolarus Ponor Beta
Briar Patch Kassae Risa Beta
Brothra Yontasa Yontasa Delta
B'Tran Cluster Bellatrix Vorn Beta
Burgus Galdonterre Hotep Beta
Calbriden - Alini Beta
Caralun Almatha Minos Korva Alpha
Cardassia Cardassia Cardassia Alpha
Carraya Azure Azure Beta
Celes Celes Celes Beta
Cernan Kassae Kassae Beta
Cero Devron Hobus Beta
Ceron Mempa Mempa Beta
Cestus Cestus Otha Beta
Chaltok Nimbus Iconia Beta
Chapel Kalandra Draylon Alpha
Chiron Sierra Sierra Beta
Ch'menira Bolarus Ponor Beta
ChoS Nebula B'Moth B'Moth Beta
Chulan Hyralan Rator Beta
Cirini Prime Onias Unroth Beta
Corwin Almatha Minos Korva Beta
Crateris Nimbus Azure Beta
Crown Orias Algira Alpha
Culver Kalandra Draylon Alpha
Cursa Donatu Donatu Beta
Dace Kassae Kassae Beta
Daise Hyralan Rator Beta
Danetri Xarantine Xarantine Beta
Deep Space 9 Bajor Bajor Alpha
Deep Space K-7 Aldebaran Donatu Beta
Deep Space Signal Markonia Markonia Delta
Defera Defera Defera Alpha
Deferi Outpost 3 Defera Defera Alpha
Delta Corvi Devron Lirss Beta
Delta Volanis Cluster Vulcan Vulcan Beta
Demil Taneebia Teneebia Beta
Deneb Kaitos - Deneb Alpha
Denobula Triaxia - Denobula Alpha
Dera Mylasa Iconia Beta
Dilithium Mine Fleet Holding Cardassia Bajor Alpha
Dimorus Tarod Dimorus Beta
Dinasia - Iconia Beta
Donatu Donatu Donatu Beta
Donia Risa Risa Beta
Draylon Kalandra Draylon Alpha
Dreon - Mariah Alpha
Drozana Donatu Donatu Beta
Dubhe Algira Dubhe Alpha
Dyson Gateway Azure Azure Beta
Earth Spacedock Vulcan Vulcan Beta
Eirhess Taneebia Teneebia Beta
Elvren Taneebia Teneebia Beta
Elwing Cardassia Bajor Alpha
Enocha Orias Algira Alpha
Entaba Kotaba Kotaba Delta
Eridan Belt Z-6 Ponor Beta
Eridon Nebula B'Moth Sanek Beta
Eriksson Mempa Mempa Beta
Europani Argelius Argelius Beta
Farn Syllerran Syllerran Delta
Federation Fleet Starbase Aldebaran Aldebaran Beta
Ferenginar - Ferenginar Alpha
Fitzan Devron Hobus Beta
Fomalhaut - Tellar Alpha
Forcas B'Moth Boreth Beta
Fvillhaih Z-6 Lirss Beta
Galorndon Core Narendra Narendra Beta
Gamma Eridon Narendra H'atoria Beta
Ganalda Archanis Archanis Beta
Gasko Narendra Gasko Beta
Gateway Hromi Khitomer Beta
Gerren Devore Devore Delta
Ghomha Qu'Vat Teroka Beta
Ghuh'woq Qo'noS Tiqchirgh Beta
Goralis Vanden Cardassia Alpha
Gorath B'Moth Gorath Beta
Great Bloom Tarod Hobus Beta
Haakona Onias Unroth Beta
Hadrian Vendor Vendor Beta
Hana Celes Celes Beta
H'atoria Mempa H'atoria Beta
Hedon Qo'noS Qo'noS Beta
Hfaihar Hyralan Rator Beta
Hobus Devron Hobus Beta
Hodos Yontasa Yontasa Delta
Honod Xarantine Xarantine Beta
Hotep Cestus Hotep Beta
Hromi Cluster Xarantine Xarantine Beta
Icari Taneebia Teneebia Beta
Iconia Z-6 Iconia Beta
Imaga Risa Risa Beta
Japori Azure Japori Beta
Jarleth Syllerran Syllerran Delta
Jenolan Dyson Sphere Alsuran Alsuran Delta
JFS47 Hromi Khitomer Beta
Jouret Azure Azure Beta
Kahless Expanse Qu'Vat Gorath Beta
Kalesta Arawath Arawath Beta
Kalferi Hromi Khitomer Beta
Kartella Yontasa Yontasa Delta
Kassae Kassae Kassae Beta
Kei Vulcan Argelius Beta
Kelsid Yontasa Yontasa Delta
Kelvani Raveh Raveh Alpha
Kendran Alsuran Alsuran Delta
Kern Xarantine Xarantine Beta
Ker'rat Donatu Boreth Beta
Khaiell Mylasa Gasko Beta
Khazan Cluster Vendor Vendor Beta
Khellian Onias Unroth Beta
Khitomer Azure Khitomer Beta
Kinbar Markonia Markonia Delta
Kinjer Orion Orion Beta
Kinjun Cardassia Bajor Alpha
Kinkuthanza Archanis Otha Beta
Klingon Fleet Starbase Archanis Archanis Beta
Kobali Kotaba Kotaba Delta
Koolhaas Risa Risa Beta
Korvat Hromi Khitomer Beta
K'shan Tarod Lirss Beta
Kuda Pelia Alini Beta
Kyana Alsuran Alsuran Delta
Lackey Orion Orion Beta
System/Location Sector (Old) Sector (New) Quadrant
Lae'nas Raveh Raveh Alpha
Lahra Arawath Arawath Alpha
Lambda Boötis - Ferenginar Alpha
Lateri Bajor Trill Alpha
Latroci - Breen Alpha
Laurentian Xarantine Xarantine Beta
Legira Markonia Markonia Delta
Lilitu Mempa Pheben Beta
Lilsis Algira Dubhe Alpha
Lirss Z-6 Lirss Beta
Liuen Kalandra Draylon Alpha
Llaiir Bolarus Dimorus Beta
Lonco Tarod Hobus Beta
Maiewski Hromi Khitomer Beta
Malon Bajor Trill Beta
Mandel Celes Celes Beta
Manek Defera Defera Alpha
Mariah - Mariah Alpha
Maro Celes Celes Beta
Mec Vanden Orias Alpha
Memory Alpha Taneebia Tellar Alpha
Mempa Mempa Mempa Beta
Minos Korva Dorvan Minos Korva Alpha
Mirish Kora Cardassia Alpha
Mizar - Mizar Alpha
Molinya Yontasa Yontasa Delta
M'rade Mempa Pheben Beta
Mryax Vanden Orias Beta
Muso Onias Unroth Beta
Mutara Nebula Bellatrix Teroka Beta
Mylasa Mylasa Gasko Beta
Nal Shadaan Devore Devore Delta
Nanipia Kotaba Kotaba Delta
Narendra Narendra Narendra Beta
Nassordin Alsuran Alsuran Delta
Nawlogh Qo'noS Qo'noS Beta
Neethia - Ferenginar Alpha
Nequencia Narendra H'atoria Beta
New Romulus Nimbus Azure Beta
New Talax Kotaba Kotaba Delta
NGC 1218 Bolarus Ponor Beta
NGC-2447 Mutara Noro Beta
NGC-4447 Galdonterre Alini Beta
NGC-863 Subspace Anomaly Sierra Sierra Beta
Nimbus Nimbus Hobus Beta
No'mat Qo'noS Qo'noS Beta
Nopada Mylasa Gasko Beta
Norgh Mylasa Gasko Beta
Noro Mutara Noro Beta
Nukara Boreth Donatu Beta
Nular Devore Devore Delta
N'Vak Qu'Vat Gorath Beta
Obrom Dorvan Betazed Alpha
Omar Risa Risa Beta
Omicron Kappa (Formerly Kessik IV) Cestus Hotep Beta
Oradhe Kora Cardassia Alpha
Orellius - Tzenketh Alpha
Orendal Markonia Markonia Delta
Orias Orias Orias Alpha
Orion - Orion Beta
Orith Hyralan Rator Beta
Orlitus Yontasa Yontasa Delta
Otha Archanis Otha Beta
Peliar Zel - Mizar Alpha
Pallme Vulcan Argelius Beta
Pansarka Yontasa Yontasa Delta
Parein Syllerran Syllerran Delta
Pheben Narendra Pheben Beta
Phi Orias Algira Alpha
Pico Vulcan Vulcan Beta
Pilatus Vendor Agrama Beta
P'jem Vulcan Vulcan Beta
Pollux Orion Orion Beta
Ponor Bolarus Ponor Beta
Qay'ghun Qo'noS Qo'noS Beta
Qo'noS Qo'noS Qo'noS Beta
Quadra Sigma Bellatrix Vorn Beta
Quatlek Pelia Noro Beta
Qutmut Qu'Vat Gorath Beta
Ra'kholh Vendor Vendor Beta
Ram Izad Alsuran Alsuran Delta
Rashana Z-6 Ponor Beta
Rator Hyralan Rator Beta
Raveh Raveh Raveh Alpha
Regulus Celes Celes Beta
Reimers Cardassia Bajor Alpha
Reytan Orion Orion Beta
Rhi Sierra Sierra Beta
Risa Risa Risa Beta
Rivos Markonia Markonia Delta
Rolor Nebula Bajor Defera Alpha
Romulan Flotilla Nimbus Azure Beta
Romulus Tarod Hobus Beta
Ruben Argelius Argelius Beta
Sanek B'Moth Sanek Beta
Santos Almatha Minos Korva Alpha
Saqghom Qo'noS Tiqchirgh Beta
Sakari Syllerran Syllerran Delta
Sardah Kassae Kassae Beta
Sarita Tarod Dimorus Beta
Seedea Xarantine Xarantine Beta
Seginus - Denobula Alpha
Servin Kassae Kassae Beta
Shahr Algira Dubhe Alpha
Shenda Kotaba Kotaba Delta
S'hinga Raveh Raveh Alpha
Shivolia Markonia Markonia Delta
Sienae Sierra Agrama Beta
Sierra Outpost II Sierra Sierra Beta
Sigma Draconis - Deneb Alpha
Sol Vulcan Vulcan Beta
SPR-5195 Kalandra Draylon Alpha
SS Azura Vulcan Vulcan Beta
Starbase 24 Orion Orion Beta
Starbase 39 (Sierra) Sierra Sierra Beta
Starbase 157 Donatu Boreth Beta
Starbase 234 Nimbus Hotep Beta
Starbase 621 - Tzenketh Alpha
Suliban Helix Azure Japori Beta
Syllerran Syllerran Syllerran Delta
Tazi Risa Risa Beta
Tellar - Tellar Alpha
Tekara Devore Devore Delta
Teneebia Teneebia Teneebia Beta
Tephrei Vendor Vendor Beta
Teroka Qu'Vat Teroka Beta
Terra Nova - Deneb Alpha
Terrh Sierra Agrama Beta
T'iokol Mylasa Iconia Beta
Tiqchirgh Qo'noS Tiqchirgh Beta
T'Kani Nebula B'Moth B'Moth Beta
T'liss Vendor Vendor Beta
T'Ong Nebula Qo'noS Qo'noS Beta
Toron Bajor Trill Alpha
Tostig Argelius Argelius Beta
Traelus Aldebaran Ba'aja Beta
Trakia Kotaba Kotaba Delta
TRD 0730 Mutara Noro Beta
TRD 071944 Kora Cardassia Alpha
Trill - Trill Alpha
Trimble Xarantine Xarantine Beta
Trivas Almatha Bajor Alpha
Turei Markonia Markonia Delta
Tzenketh - Tzenketh Alpha
Una Orion Orion Beta
Unroth Onias Unroth Beta
Vaadwaur Markonia Markonia Delta
Veela Celes Celes Beta
Vega Risa Risa Beta
Vendor Vendor Vendor Beta
Vesper Mempa Pheben Beta
Vestalan Vanden Orias Alpha
Veyga Hromi Khitomer Beta
Vhoran Z-6 Dimorus Beta
Virinat Azure Japori Beta
Vlugta Asteroid Field Bajor Bajor Alpha
Volnar - Mariah Alpha
Vor Mempa Mempa Beta
Vorenus - Mariah Alpha
Vorn Bellatrix Vorn Beta
Vulcan Vulcan Vulcan Beta
VZA-6001 Defera Defera Alpha
Watran Celes Celes Beta
Wolf 359 Vulcan Vulcan Beta
Wyanti Yontasa Yontasa Delta
Xarentine Xarantine Xarantine Beta
Xiokel Devore Devore Delta
Xleen Argelius Argelius Beta
Yan Nebula B'Moth B'Moth Beta
Yov'bot B'Moth B'Moth Beta
Zahl Alsuran Alsuran Delta
Zaria Raveh Raveh Alpha
Zemet Pelia Alini Beta
Zenas Expanse Arawath Arawath Alpha
Zenik Celes Celes Beta
Zibal Donatu Aldebaran Beta