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Alpha Quadrant

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The Alpha Quadrant is one of 4 Quadrants in the Milky Way. It is home to the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi and the United Federation of Planets.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

The Bajoran wormhole by Deep Space Nine is a strategic location in the quadrant

The Alpha Quadrant has significant influence from the powers in the Beta Quadrant to the extend the Klingons and Romulans have been referred to as Alpha Quadrant powers. The interest in the sector is largely around the presence of the Bajoran wormhole and the station by it, Deep Space Nine.

The quadrant is also known to contain examples of shocking interstellar beauty and scientific wonder such as the Argolis Cluster, the Arachnid Nebula, and the Badlands.

Location Sector Services
Bajor Bajor Sector Alternate player hub at Hathon
Badlands Cardassia Sector Badlands Battlezone
Betreka Nebula Betazed Sector Duty Officer Node
Deep Space Nine Bajor Sector Primary player hub for the quadrant
Defera Defera Sector Deferi Battlezone
Fleet Colony World Antos Sector Fleet holding
Fleet Dilithium Mine Bajor Sector Fleet holding
Fleet Station K-13 Draconis Sector Fleet holding
Rolor Nebula Defera Sector Duty Officer Node
Gon'Cra Nebula Gon'Cra Sector Tzenkethi Battlezone
Vlugta Asteroid Field Bajor Sector Dilithium Mining
Zenas Expanse Arawath Sector Duty Officer Node

Playable Area[edit | edit source]

The old Alpha Quadrant, before it was expanded in Season 12

The Alpha Quadrant is one of the two largest playable quadrants in Star Trek Online, but it still covers a fraction of the overall quadrant. As of Season 12, it covers 35 sectors including much of the Federation's Alpha Quadrant members along with most of Cardassian and Ferengi space, and sections of Breen space.

Before release of Season 10, four sector blocks were placed in Alpha Quadrant: Zeta Andromedae, Beta Ursae, Alpha Trianguli and Orellius. Season 10 moved these to the Beta Quadrant, merged all Alpha Quadrant sector blocks into a single unit and expanded it. Season 12 added further sectors to the Alpha Quadrant towards the galactic core, and moved a few sectors and planets into the expanded area.

Map of the Alpha Quadrant

List of Sectors[edit | edit source]

Factions and Homeworlds[edit | edit source]

Portrait Homeworld Species Faction
Bajoran Bajor Bajorans United Federation of Planets
Betazoid Betazed Betazoids United Federation of Planets
Breen Breen (planet) Breen Breen Confederacy
Caitians Cait Caitians United Federation of Planets
Capellan Capella IV Capellans United Federation of Planets
Cardassian Cardassia Prime Cardassians Cardassian Union/True Way
Deferi Defera Deferi Deferi
Deltan Delta IV Deltans United Federation of Planets
Denobulan Denobula Denobulans United Federation of Planets
Ferasan Ferasa Ferasans Klingon Empire
Ferengi Ferenginar Ferengi Ferengi Alliance
Fesarius First Federation
New Kentar Kentari Kentari Union
Lukari Lukar Lukari Lukari Concordium
Lurian Luria Lurian n/a
Na'kuhl Na'kuhl Na'kuhl Na'kuhl
Pakled Pakled Pakled United Federation of Planets
Povini Povin Povini n/a
Saurian Sauria Saurians United Federation of Planets
Tellarite Tellar Prime Tellarites United Federation of Planets
Trill Trill (planet) Trill United Federation of Planets
Tzenkethi Tzenketh Tzenkethi Tzenkethi Coalition

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