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Akira class

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The Federation Akira-class starship appears on:

Akira-class variants

Class Information
Ship Variant - FED - Akira Heavy Escort (T3).png
Akira class
Akira patch.png

The Akira class continues the design philosophy of the 22nd century NX class, albeit with its nacelles swung downward instead of upward. It retains the long, thin deflector at the front of its primary hull, the small secondary hull connected to the warp nacelles by pylons, and the long, thick stanchions connecting the primary hull to those pylons.

In lieu of the long, thin deflector of the NX class, it has a forward hangar bay, and a standard deflector attached underneath the primary hull. It also has standard shuttle bays in the aft section where the NX class has its EVA staging area, instead of a vertical shuttle pod launching bay.

Ship Variant - FED - Oslo Heavy Escort (T3).png
Oslo class
The Oslo-class Heavy Escort is an upgraded and modified version of the earlier Norway-class ship. It has an elongated primary hull and lacks a secondary hull, instead having weapon hardpoints attached to the nacelle pylons directly. It shares the same nacelle design as the Nova-class Science Vessel.
Ship Variant - FED - Zephyr Heavy Escort (T3).png
Zephyr class
The Zephyr-class Heavy Escort is an upgraded and modified version of the earlier Steamrunner-class ship.
Ship Variant - FED - Thunderchild Heavy Escort Refit (T3).png
Thunderchild class
SKIN UNLOCK: Thunderchild Heavy Escort Refit, 1000 Zen small icon.png
The Thunderchild-class Heavy Escort is a tribute to the U.S.S. Thunderchild (NCC-63549) which engaged the Borg in Sector 001.
Ship Variant - FED - Armitage Heavy Strike Wing Escort (T5).png
Armitage class
SKIN UNLOCK: Armitage Heavy Strike Wing Escort, 2500 Zen small icon.png
Armitage patch.png

The Armitage class features low-slung, forward-swept pylons and long, tapered nacelles. Its saucer is built around a thick central spine that contains the deflector and elevates the bridge above the split hull. A battery of cannon apertures is concentrated in the nose, above and to the sides of the deflector dish. Torpedo and turret fire comes from the top-mounted launcher in the rear pylon.

If made to use components from standard Heavy Escorts such as the Akira or Thunderchild, its size will shrink to match.

Ship Variant - FED - Alita Heavy Strike Wing Escort (T6).png
Alita class
SKIN UNLOCK: Alita Heavy Strike Wing Escort, 3000 Zen small icon.png
Alita patch.png

The Alita-class Heavy Strike Wing Escort is based upon the highly successful Armitage-class design. This new heavy escort has been built from the ground up to most efficiently combat the Iconian threat.
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