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Military Rank:
Deep Space 9
Voiced by:
Rekha Sharma
Adet'pa prior to season 20

Adet'pa (previously known by many names including "Agent Qlb", and "The Witch of Nimbus III") is a Klingon officer serving as First Officer of the I.K.S. Kor under General Kurn. Following the Hur'q attack on Bajor, she accompanies Martok and Kurn to Deep Space 9.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • ALL “Storm Clouds Gather”: Adet'pa can be consulted at the Alliance summit. She warns the Dominion that any acts of aggression will be met with deadly force.
  • ALL “The Khitomer Discord”: After Aakar retreats and J'Ula explains the situation, Adet'pa beams down to the surface of Khitomer System to aid the player, Martok and J'Ula in escaping the lower levels, revealing to Martok her loyalty to J'Ula and stating that she knew of J'mpok's dishonor the entire time. She engages and defeats Klingon forces sent by J'mpok led by Captain Ja'rod. After J'mpok launched a mycelial weapon on Khitomer, Adet'pa and Martok aid the player in rescuing survivors from the mycelial wave while they head to the transporter room. Player protects her as she gets the transporter running before beaming up to their ships. In orbit commanding the I.K.S. Kor, Captains Kagran, Va'Kel Shon and Koren warped in where J'mpok silenced the player before they could explain the situation and dishonorably accuses them of betraying the Alliance and joining House Mo'Kai. Following the ensuing battle, J'Ula informs the player to lie low and wait for Adet'pa's signal to take action when the time its right.

Other involvement[edit | edit source]

  • "Tale of the Witch": Rodek and his wife, B'irja, travel to Nimbus III in search of Adet'pa, a Klingon woman known locally as a "witch." They discover the cave she lives in, and she invites them inside for a meal. Adet'pa correctly deduces that they have sought her out to learn the truth behind J'mpok's duel with Martok in 2393. She reveals that Torg intervened after J'mpok delivered what should have been the killing blow, taking Martok prisoner and maintaining him in a near-death state. Torg did this in order to install J'mpok as Chancellor; later, he would undermine J'mpok and assume the role himself, with the ultimate goal of establishing himself as a new Emperor. Adet'pa had been discredited and exiled to prevent her from sharing her knowledge of these events. She tells Rodek and B'irja that she will tell them where Martok is being kept, if they agree to bring her back to Klingon space and arrange for asylum within the House of Martok.
  • "The Ascendant": Adet'pa approaches J'Ula, revealing she has been in hiding as a member of House Mo'Kai. She pledges to join J'Ula's ranks.

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