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Yesterday's War Story Accolades are obtained by completing missions during the Yesterday's War campaign.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Vorgon Conclusions[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Newsie icon.png Belongs in a Museum Discover all the artifacts held by Starfleet HQ When searching the vault for Tox Uthat, discover the three artifacts that are not Tox Uthat, then beam out to end the mission. Resume the mission, and keep repeating until you have discovered all 25 artifacts. 25
Newsie icon.png Newsie Read all the news updates during the Breen Invasion of Earth After beaming to the Starfleet Research Facility on Earth, read all five news reports: The first is on the desk in the first room where you encounter Breen. The second is next to the lead researcher in the second room where you encounter Breen. The third is in the far left corner of the third room where you encounter Breen. The fourth is on the main terminal of the vault after you have defeated Ajur and Boratus. The fifth is also on the main terminal of the vault, but only after you have found the Tox Uthat. 10