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Solanae Dyson Sphere Story Accolades are obtained by completing missions during the Solanae Dyson Sphere campaign.

Missions[edit | edit source]

A Step Between Stars[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Icarus 2.0 icon.png Icarus 2.0 Avoid having your ship damaged by the sun in, "A Step Between Stars." 10
Dyson Sphere Puzzle Solver icon.png Dyson Sphere Puzzle Solver Complete the activation puzzle in "A Step Between Stars" without any mistakes. 10
Defensive Beam Tactician icon.png Defensive Beam Tactician Choose to activate the defensive beams in, "A Step Between Stars." Defense Option 1 of 3 10
Swarmer Tactitian icon.png Swarmer Tactitian Choose to activate the swarmer defenses in "A Step Between Stars." Defense Option 2 of 3 10
The Unstoppable Captain icon.png The Unstoppable Captain Choose to activate no defenses in, "A Step Between Stars." Defense Option 3 of 3 10
Dyson EV Suit Collector icon.png Dyson EV Suit Collector Obtain all 3 types of Dyson EV suits. Collect all three Dyson EV Suits. 10
Explosion Investigator icon.png Explosion Investigator Fly through the epicenter of the station hallway explosion in, "A Step Between Stars." Fly through the remains of the corridor/hallway. 10
Shadow Hugger icon.png Shadow Hugger Avoid being burnt by the sun while activating safety protocols in, "A Step Between Stars." 10
Tuvok's Support icon.png Efficient Swarmer Exterminator Complete the stage "Defend Cooper from Swarmers" in "A Step Between Stars" in under one minute. 10
Tuvok's Support icon.png Tuvok's Support Prevent Tuvok from being knocked unconscious in, "A Step Between Stars." 10
Beam Dodger icon.png Beam Dodger Avoid being hit by the defensive beams in, "A Step Between Stars." 10