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There are other minor categories of accolades listed below:

Accolade categories[edit | edit source]

Borg Front[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Mission Requirements How to Obtain Points
Placeholder icon.png Assimilated “Khitomer in Stasis” You've ventured deep into the inner workings of the Borg. Perhaps you have seen too much ... Step inside an Isolinear Molecular Reconverter. (that has not been overloaded or is being overloaded) 25
  • Once you complete this accolade, go into your Dilithium Store under the "Reclaim" tab to claim a unique Liberated Borg Science Bridge Officer. This officer may be renamed but his outfit cannot be changed. If you complete the accolade and the DOFF is not there talk to Capitan Nicholas Martin on ESD and he should be able to help you. This is not an Account-wide unlock so if you want to get it on multiple characters you will have to get the accolade on each of them. Originally one would go to Battle Group Omega and talk to their faction representative to claim the officer but BGO was removed from the game.

Delta Quadrant[edit | edit source]

Delta Quadrant Accolades can be achieved during playing The Delta Quadrant episode missions.

Icon Name Mission Description Points
Flagship Downed icon.png Flagship Downed “Capture the Flag” Assist all downed crew in the Halls of the Lleiset. 10
Sacrifice for the Greater Good icon.png Sacrifice for the Greater Good “Revolution” You made the hard call to sacrifice for the greater good. 10
Maintained Morals icon.png Maintained Morals “Revolution” You refused to kill an innocent and stuck to your morals. 10

Nimbus[edit | edit source]

The Nimbus Accolade can be achieved on Nimbus III.

Icon Name Requirements Points
Nimbus III icon.png Nimbus Jaunt On Nimbus III, Paradise City has a network of decrepit transporters used primarily by criminals and smugglers. If you can find them and unlock them - and you're willing to trust your molecules to them - you can use them to travel quickly between locations near the city. 10

Reputation Accolades[edit | edit source]

Reputation Accolades are received after completing specific Ground Gear Set. (See also Dyson Ground Set Accolade in S.O.T.O. Accolades)

Icon Name Requirements Points Unlocks
Reputation5 icon.png 8472 Counter-Command Agent Collect all three pieces of the Mark XII 8472 Counter-Command Ground Gear. Bio-disruptor/phaser rifle, personal shield, ground armour. 75 "8472 Counter-Command Agent" title
Delta Alliance Accolade icon.png Delta Alliance Operative Collect all three pieces of the Mark XII Delta Alliance Ground Gear.

Compression phaser/disruptor rifle, ground shield, ground armour

75 "Delta Alliance Operative" title
Iconian Resistance icon.png Iconian Resistance Elite Collect all three pieces of the Mark XII Iconian Resistance Ground Gear. Radiant antiproton Pulsewave Assault (weapon), ground shield, ground armour. 75 "Iconian Resistance Elite" title
Temporal Defense Initiative icon.png Temporal Defense Initiative Operative Collect all three pieces of the Mark XII Temporal Defense Initiative Ground Gear. Advanced Temporal Defense Chroniton Dual Pistols(weapon), ground armor, ground shield. 75 "Temporal Defense Initiative Operative" title
Terran Task Force icon.png Terran Task Force Veteran Collect the Mark XII Terran Task Force Combat Armor, Terran Task Force Personal Shield, and a Terran Task Force Ground Weapon. 75 "Terran Task Force Veteran" title

Undine Front[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Mission Description How to Get Points
The Impossible icon.png The Impossible “Assimilation” Gather information from the partially assimilated Undine Scan the Undine on the examination tables. 25
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