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Trophy General Accolades are obtained by paying gold-pressed latinum to Greelan at Drozana Station, from Hadron on Deep Space Nine, as well as from the Ferengi Trader on Risa. There are three Accolades for wall trophies and floor trophies respectively. To purchase all of these trophies will cost 1,550,000 Latinum Gold-Pressed Latinum icon.png but the Ferengi captains discount reduce that amount by 20%.

Accolades[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Requirements Points Unlocks
Trophy - Latinum Slips icon.png Trophy - Latinum Slips Purchase the Latinum Slips wall trophy 10 "Latinum Slips" trophy
Trophy - Latinum Strips icon.png Trophy - Latinum Strips Purchase the Latinum Strips wall trophy 10 "Latinum Strips" trophy
Trophy - Latinum Ingots icon.png Trophy - Latinum Ingots Purchase the Latinum Ingots wall trophy 10 "Latinum Ingots" trophy
Trophy - Latinum Bars icon.png Trophy - Latinum Bars Purchase the Latinum Bars floor trophy 10 "Latinum Bars" trophy
Trophy - Latinum Bricks icon.png Trophy - Latinum Bricks Purchase the Latinum Bricks floor trophy 10 "Latinum Bricks" trophy
Trophy - Latinum Pile icon.png Trophy - Latinum Pile Purchase the Latinum Pile floor trophy 10 "Latinum Pile" trophy