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Fleet Action General Accolades are granted for completing the corresponding Fleet Action ranking first.

Accolades[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Mission Requirements Points Unlocks
Cold Warrior icon.png Cold Warrior “Starbase 24” 1st Place in the Starbase 24 Fleet Action 10 "Starbase 24" floor trophy
Swept Up icon.png Swept Up “Romulan Imperial Minefield” 1st Place in the Minefield Fleet Action 10 "Halting the Gorn Advance" floor trophy
Welcoming Party icon.png Welcoming Party “Slowing the Expeditionary Force” 1st Place in the Klingon Scout Force Fleet Action 10 "Slowing the Expeditionary Force" floor trophy
Core Force icon.png Core Force “Breaking the Planet” 1st Place in the Breaking the Planet Fleet Action 10 "Breaking the Planet" floor trophy
Shattered icon.png Shattered “Crystalline Catastrophe” 1st Place in the Crystalline Entity Fleet Action 10 "Crystalline Entity" floor trophy
Wrangler icon.png Wrangler “The Big Dig” 1st Place in the Big Dig Action 10 "Big Dig" floor trophy
Promenaded icon.png Promenaded “DS9 under Siege!” 1st Place in the Deep Space 9 Fleet Action 10 "DS9 under Siege" floor trophy
Wrangler Fluidic icon.png Wrangler “Fluidic Space Fleet Action” 1st Place in the Undine Fleet Action 10 "Save the Whales" floor trophy
All-Win Scenario icon.png All-Win Scenario “Colony Invasion Simulation” Beat all Invasion Scenarios on Dranuur Colony ? No unlock