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You may be looking for Accolade category: "General".

General Accolades are rewarded, for dealing and receiving damage as well as healing, playing specific missions, for subscription time and for many other in-game activities.

Some sub-categories of General Accolades:

Other[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Requirements Points Unlocks
Attache icon.png Welcome to Star Trek Online! You are a junior officer assigned to the <ship>. Do your duty and obey your commanding officer. Good luck, Ensign! 0
Delta Recruit Accolade icon.png Delta Recruit The three major factions of the Alpha and Beta quadrants have ramped up their recruiting efforts in order to stave off a future threat. 0
Temporal Agent Accolade icon.png Temporal Agent (available only for Temporal Agents) 0
Gamma Recruit Accolade icon.png Gamma Recruit Advance the goals of the Founders and earn your life through victory. (Complete the “Turn the Tide” with Jem'Hadar during the Gamma Recruitment event.) 0
Celebration One Year icon.png Celebration: One Year! Allow Q to polymorph you 5 times during the one year celebration of Star Trek Online. 100
Celebration Two Year icon.png Celebration: Year Two! Successfully take your faction's flagship on a shakedown cruise. 100 "First Flight Captain" title
Celebration Year Three icon.png Celebration: Year Three! Successfully Investigate the Anomaly in the Azure Nebula. 100
Celebration Year Four icon.png Celebration: Year Four! Successfully helped Tuvok in the Dyson Sphere. 100 "Sunrider" title
05anniversary icon.png Celebration: Year Five! Successfully helped clean up after Q. 100 "Particle Smasher" title
06anniversary icon.png Celebration: Year Six! Successfully helped clean up after Q. 100
Celebration Year Four icon.png Qmendated Completing the Anniversary Episode or Party Patrol each day will provide you a Qmendation. Collect, 1,000 Qmendations, and you can redeem them for a Dyson Science Destroyer starship. 10
Assimilated Borg icon.png Assimilated Become Assimilated by the Borg 10
European Celebration icon.png European Celebration As a bonus, you may claim a special IDIC Tribble! Visit Earth Spacedock (across from Club 47) or Qo'noS (next to the targ pit) to claim your gift. 100 IDIC Tribble
Khellid Wrangler icon.png Khellid Wrangler Collect all 16 breeds of Khellid Vanity Pets.

Rewards a unique Khellid Vanity Pet!

Once you have completed this Accolade, two Unique Khellid breeds will be available to claim from the Lobi Crystal Store for 1 Lobi Crystal each.

KDF Other Accolades[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Requirements Points Unlocks
Retraining icon.png Retraining Achieve rank of Brigadier General by 11/18/10 10 A free respec token has been granted.
Ship Requisitions icon.png Ship Requisitions Achieve rank of Lt. General by 11/18/10 10 A free ship token (Lt. General) has been granted.