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Nimbus III Exploration Accolades can be achieved on Nimbus III.

Icon Name Requirements Points
Nimbus III icon.png Barfly You saw various insects flying out of the bar on Paradise. Not even they can stand the stench from inside. 10
Nimbus III icon.png Watching the Nothing This lookout post overlooks the desert outside of Nimbus. All you can see from it is more desert and scorpions. 10
Nimbus III icon.png Tipsy Top What better place to watch over Paradise than at the top of the bar? 10
Nimbus III icon.png Nimble on Nimbus You balanced yourself along the walls of Paradise City on Nimbus III. 10
Nimbus III icon.png Watch Your Step You balanced yourself to get a better look at the ruins. They appear to have been destroyed by a combination of the desert and sandworms, but it would appear that there was once a different civilization living on Nimbus III. 10
Nimbus III icon.png True Engineer You had a look through the old engine of a crashed ship. The remains indicate that someone wired the engines to remotely turn off. Someone did not want this ship to survive its voyage, wherever it was going. 10
Nimbus III icon.png Cockpit Observer You found what might've been the cockpit to a large ship on Nimbus III. Its position in the wreckage indicates that no one could have survived such a crash. 10
Nimbus III icon.png Gorn Ambusher The Gorn patrol the canyon on Nimbus III, watching over the integral parts of the nearby satellite. The best option to face them could be an ambush from above. 10
Nimbus III icon.png Nimbus Survivor Discover all the exploration points on Nimbus III. 25
Nimbus III icon.png Why Are You Climbing a Mountain? Do you love the mountain? 10