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New Romulus Exploration Accolades can be achieved on New Romulus.

Icon Name Requirements How to Get Points
New Romulus icon.png Building the Gates Walk up to the gates of New Romulus. Approach the doors of the embassy. 10
New Romulus icon.png Staging Area Quartermaster Climb up one of the rocks to jump onto a roof for a view of the Staging Area. Look for the oval building with the Romulan Historian in front, and climb up on the rocks behind it. 10
New Romulus icon.png To Boldly Jump Jump off the smaller, ruined bridge in New Romulus. Coming from the north, jump off the broken bridge into the Atlai river. 10
New Romulus icon.png Why Are You Climbing a Rock Formation? Because it's there! Climb a rock formation in the Epohh Fields. Start at the gently sloping rock in the west after leaving Isha Forest, and go northeast about 85 meters. 10
New Romulus icon.png New Romulus Historian Explore the ruins in New Romulus. South of the Transporter Pad in the Hwael Ruins, there is a one story structure. Climb onto the rocks and then the roof. 10
New Romulus icon.png A Hwael of a Good Time Have a Hwael of a good time climbing up a dead tree. Go up the huge tree fallen tree in the south of Hwael Ruins and climb up to the highest point of the rock to the right. 10
New Romulus icon.png Bridge Troll Explore the small area beneath the large bridge in New Romulus. From the Vastam Peaks side, climb underneath to the top of the arch. 10
New Romulus icon.png The Easy Hard Way Find an alternate way to and from the river. Near the river mouth by the mother Nanov, climb the rocky path up to Vastam Peaks. 10
New Romulus icon.png Brave New Waterfalls Reach the mid level area of the waterfall in New Romulus. From the bridge, climb along the southeastern ledge, and jump into the waterfall above the mother Nanov. 10
New Romulus icon.png Master of Vastam Climb to the top of the natural arch in Vastam Peaks. Northern part of Vastam Peaks, near the transporter camp. 10
New Romulus icon.png Colonized New Romulus Discover all eight (10) exploration points on New Romulus. Complete all of the accolades above. 25
New Romulus icon.png New Romulus Researcher Gather data about all the animals on New Romulus from researchers. Speak to each of the researchers and read about the animals. 25
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