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Accolade/Exploration Accolade/Dabo

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Dabo playing Exploration Accolades can be achieved by playing Dabo game.

Icon Name Requirements Points Unlocks
Dabo Dabbler icon.png Dabo Dabbler Bet 1,000 credits at Dabo 10
Gambler icon.png Gambler Bet 10,000 credits at Dabo 25
High Roller icon.png High Roller Bet 100,000 credits at Dabo 50 "High Roller" title
Fortunate icon.png Fortunate Win 1 Dabo 10
On a Roll icon.png On a Roll Win 5 Dabos 25
Lucky Dabo icon.png Lucky Win 20 Dabos 50 "Lucky" title
Affluent icon.png Affluent Win 10,000 Latinum at Dabo 10
Golden icon.png Golden Win 100,000 Latinum at Dabo 25
Loaded icon.png Loaded Win 1,000,000 Latinum at Dabo 50 "Loaded" title