Ability: Temporal Inversion Field

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Set 3: Temporal Inversion Field icon.png Temporal Inversion Field

Toggle (20 max)
Affect Foe
5 kilometer Sphere
0.5 sec activate
3 min recharge
To all enemies within 5.0km:
  • -200% Flight Speed
  • (-400% Flight Speed vs. Small Craft)
  • -150% Turn Rate
  • -150% Power Recharge Speed
To self when equipped on a 29th Century Temporal Starship and Annorax:
  • +50% Flight Speed
  • +100% Turn Rate
  • +150% Power Recharge Speed

(Provided by equipping all 3 pieces of the Temporal Warfare Set)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Ability countered by Science Team. Leave Inversion Field or it will re-apply.