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Ability: Pilot Maneuvers

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Pilot Maneuvers are a built-in Starship Mechanic only available to players using Pilot starships. Starships that fall into this category are:

Game Description[edit | edit source]

Much like how players are able to perform active dodging/rolls on ground, these starships are able to perform special maneuvers by double tapping in the direction they’d like to perform a special maneuver. These maneuvers can be rebound to different keys, or activated manually from a UI element if the player so desires. After activating a Pilot Maneuver player will be briefly immune to damage. After performing such a maneuver player must wait a short time before doing another one.



Afterburners (Forward)[edit | edit source]

By double tapping the W key (by default) you will fly forward in a quick burst of speed covering a good distance. Afterburners can allow you to get out of a dangerous area quickly and grant you a brief period of damage immunity.


Barrel Roll (Left/Right)[edit | edit source]

You can perform a barrel roll to the left by double tapping the A key (by default) or to the right by double tapping the D key (by default). Barrel Rolls will cause you to travel some distance in the direction chosen and can help you escape hazards (like a Thalaron Burst or Crescent Wave Cannon for example). Like Afterburners, Barrel Rolls also grant you a brief period of immunity to damage.


Retrorockets (Backwards)[edit | edit source]

You can activate your pilot ship’s retrorockets by double tapping the S key (by default). This will cause your ship to lunge backwards a fair distance allowing you to get behind a pursuing target or to just continue another attack run. Retrorockets also grants you a brief period of damage immunity.

Customization[edit | edit source]

There are many options available to you on how you can activate your Pilot Maneuvers. By default double tapping in a direction will execute a Pilot Maneuver. However, you can also do the following:

  • Disable double tap to perform a Pilot Maneuver in Options/Controls
  • Disable double tap on your Pilot Maneuver interface
  • Activate a Pilot Maneuver directly from your Pilot Maneuver interface
  • Under Keybinds you can bind a key that, when pressed, will allow you to perform a Pilot Maneuver with a single directional key press.
(example: You can bind shift, so that pressing shift and a direction will allow you to perform a Pilot Maneuver)

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