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Ability: Photonic Shock Wave

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Overview[edit | edit source]

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Photonic Shock Wave – System: Emitter. The Photonic Shock Wave ability emits a blast of a 3 km radius around your ship, knocking back enemy ships, inflicting kinetic damage as well as disabling enemy ships for a couple of seconds. Shields drastically reduce the effect of kinetic damage.

A key component of this ability is to disable ships for a couple of seconds, outright stopping them and even interrupting some abilities. Some of these abilities include bridge officer abilities like Tractor Beam, Extend Shields and Tachyon Beam, captain abilities like Scattering Field or console powers. Generally it can interrupt all abilites, that have to be maintained by its source.

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

Ability Ranks[edit | edit source]

Ability/User Rank CD Ability Effects
Rank I: Lt. Commander 45 sec
  • 8,328.6 Kinetic Damage (52.4 DPS)
  • Disable for 2
  • sec +18 Repel
  • Have -30 Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating for 10 sec.
Rank II: Commander 45 sec
  • 11,104.8 Kinetic Damage (65.5 DPS)
  • Disable for 3 sec
  • +24 Repel
  • Have -40 Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating for 10 sec.
Rank III: Commander 45 sec
  • 13,881 Kinetic Damage (78.6 DPS)
  • Disable for 4 sec
  • +30 Repel
  • Have -50 Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating for 10 sec.

Values displayed for 100 points in Control Expertise and 408 Exotic Particle Generator Points on a T5 Science Vessel

Notes/References[edit | edit source]

  • Numbers for ability power are base values taken from tooltips and are heavily modified by skills.
  • The only effect that Auxiliary power has on this ability is to increase the repel, which, while not as much as that from Ability: Tractor Beam Repulsors may or may not be useful depending on the situation.
  • Its duration on a target can be cut down by skilling into Skill: Starship Control Expertise. Having Auxiliary to Dampers or Attack Pattern Omega active makes its target completely immune against this ability.
  • After expiration of its disable, a lockout called Emergency Dampeners is granted to the target, making it immune against any additional disables caused by other shockwaves for a timespan of 10 seconds.
  • Formula for Duration (@Level 60):
    • Rank I: Duration = Skill*0.0076 + 1.26
    • Rank II: Duration = Skill*0.0115 + 1.84
    • Rank III: Duration = Skill*0.0115 + 2.84
  • Formula for Damage (@Level 60):
    • Damage = (9.9*skill + 2698)*(Rank + 3)/4

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