Ability: Out of Phase Time

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This article is for the NPC-only ability. For the player-available ground ability, see Phasic Shroud. For the player-available space ability, see Time Slip.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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The Out of Phase Time is an ability utilized by the Na'kuhl in both ground and space combat. Designed to protect the Na'kuhl soldier or vessel, this ability envelopes them with impenetrable secondary shield, allowing them to slip out of phase, while creating several distortions to occupy the enemy. This distortions posses the same weaponry and abilities.

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

Ground Variant[edit | edit source]

Space Variant[edit | edit source]

(Dreadnought is capable of creating not one, but two distortions)
  • Activating Emit Unstable Warp Bubble prevents the activation of this ability, or, if the distortion have already been created, destroys the distortions and the secondary shield.