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Overview[edit | edit source]

Neutronic Grenade icon (Federation).png

Neutronic Grenade fires a grenade at a targeted foe. It is generated by the [Tactical Kit Module - Neutronic Grenade] which can be acquired from Tier 3 Delta Alliance Reputation Set.

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

  • Profession: Tactical
  • Locale: Ground
  • Game Description: Neutronic Grenade throws a grenade at the target. The grenade explodes on contact, dealing a very large area of kinetic damage and knockback. In addition enemies affected by Neutron Radiation have their weapon energy damage and movement speed reduced. Damage from the explosion partially ignores shields.

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

  • Modified by:
  • Trained by:
    • None

Ability Ranks[edit | edit source]

Ability/User Rank CD Ability Effects
N/A 30s
  • ____ Kinetic Damage (50% Shield Penetration; Damage reduces from epicenter)
  • 70% chance: Knocks back +___ feet
  • -25% Reduced movement speed for 5 sec
  • -___% All Energy Damage for 5 sec
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