Ability: Multi-Regenerative Shield Array

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When receiving All Damage, 2% chance of applying Multi-Regenerative Shield Array
525 Shield Regeneration applied once to each facing
2,475 Shield Regeneration over 10 sec to each facing
Reduces Damage to Shields by 15% for 10 sec

The Multi-Regenerative Shield Array ability comes with the Tier 1 Assimilated Borg Set, which consists of the assimilated sub-transwarp engines, assimilated regenerative shield array, and assimilated deflector. This ability has a 2% chance to activate when you are hit by a weapon. On activation, this ability creates a green shield bubble for 10 seconds which instantly regenerates part of your shield points and regenerates them overtime for 10 seconds, as well as reduces damage taken by your shields. This ability can be unlocked when you equip all 3 parts of the assimilated borg set, which also unlocks the assimilated tractor beam.