Ability: Constriction Anchor Launch

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Constriction Anchor Launch icon (Federation).png

The Constriction Anchor Launch launches a Constriction Anchor which focuses and confines its power into a field that can hold even the largest and most powerful starships almost completely stationary. It is generated by [Console - Universal - Constriction Anchor].

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

  • Profession: Any
  • Locale: Space
  • Game Description: Vaadwaur Constriction Anchors use a unique tractor energy stronger than traditional tractor beams, capable of penetrating many existing countermeasures. The crushing forces exerted by the beam from these drones also cause micro-fractures in hull plating, dealing small amounts of kinetic damage. Any target caught in this beam will also suffer severe penalties to their engine subsystem for several seconds afterward.

    When launched, the Drone will fly toward whichever foe was originally targeted. If that target becomes invalid for any reason, the Drone will attempt to seek out additional targets before it expires.

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

Ability Ranks[edit | edit source]

Ability/User Rank CD Ability Effects
N/A 2m
  • Launch a level __ Constriction Anchor at your foe.
  • While Anchored (up to 20sec max):
* ____ Kinetic Damage per sec
* -___% Flight Speed
* -___% Turn Rate
* Pulled Toward Anchor
* If Anchored for 20sec, -100 Current Engine Power and -50% Power Transfer Rate for 20 sec