3 Year Anniversary Event

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The 3 Year Anniversary Event was an ingame event taking place from January 31st to February 18th, 2013. As in the years before Q showed up at Earth Space Dock and in the First City of Qo'noS to play his games.

In-game events[edit | edit source]

There was also one accolade offered during the 3 year anniversary:

Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Celebration Year Three icon.png Celebration: Year Three! Succesfully Investigate the Anomaly in the Azure Nebula Complete “Temporal Ambassador” during the Three Year Anniversary Celebration. 100

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Events in Star Trek Online
Event Occurrences Activities Currencies & Vouchers Main Vendor Key Reward Notes
Anniversary Event January-
“Omega Molecule Stabilization”
“Party Patrol”
Anniversary Prize Voucher Reputation Tab T6 Starship 2011, 2012, 2013,
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Risian Vendor T6 Starship Risa
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Friday the 13th
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Holiday Item Vendor T6 Starship Q