2390/Supplemental Log

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I meet with Captain Data in the ready room of the starship Enterprise. He’s gone through a lot to get where he is. There have been concerns within Starfleet about his ability to do his job, after the destruction of his original body. However, the work done by Geordi La Forge and the Soong Foundation to resuscitate the “Data matrix” lodged within B-4 appears to have been a complete success. Certainly, the last four years during which he has been Captain of the Enterprise would indicate that.

I apologize, Mr. Sisko, that I was unable to meet you at the transporter room. The Enterprise is undergoing maintenance at present and I fear my schedule is rather full. Please, think nothing of it.

Very well. [Clearly, he really will think nothing of it. It’s refreshing to speak with someone who will take me at my word.] How may I be of assistance?

Your recent report to Starfleet indicated that Species 8472 has found their way to Federation space. Could you elaborate on that?

You are suffering under something of a misapprehension. My report indicated there was sufficient evidence to cause concern that Species 8472 may have crossed over from their home dimension to Federation space. However, there is no conclusive evidence. Due to the properties of the protostellar nebula, our instruments were unable to take completely accurate readings.

What do you think the odds are that they have crossed over from Fluidic Space?

I have insufficient information to make such a prediction.

Starfleet is taking your report pretty seriously.

It is their responsibility to protect the Federation.

Well, they didn’t seem to take Annika Hansen’s warnings about the Borg quite so seriously.

I cannot explain the priorities of Starfleet, as I am not privy to all of the information with which they make their decisions.

Do you believe Starfleet was right to ignore her warnings of a future Borg attack?

As I said, I am not privy to the information they used to make that decision. However, I can say that the Borg are indeed persistent. There is a 99% likelihood they will attempt to attack the Federation again, should they be in a position to do so. The likelihood of that being within your lifetime is significantly smaller.

What would you guess?

If I must hazard a guess, I would say the likelihood of a Borg attack in the next 30 years would be 64.58%.That is assuming that they suffered moderate damage at the hands of Admiral Janeway during Voyager’s return.

And Species 8472?

As I said earlier in our conversation, I have insufficient evidence from which to draw a conclusion, I fear.

Well, what evidence do you have that you’d be willing to share?

In addition to our recent findings, we have only the evidence of Voyager’s records. Admiral Janeway was able to negotiate with several representatives of Species 8472 and come to a peaceful agreement. However, it is clear from her records that it was not a comprehensive agreement, and applied only to that small segment of the population. We cannot know how the species at large regards the Federation.

Surely you must have a guess. Or a hunch. Do you really think the quantum singularities you found in the McAllister C-5 Nebula were from Species 8472?

I wish I could give you a more accurate answer. I will say that it is a serious concern.

If it was them, do you think this is sign of an attack coming?

I do not know. It is possible.

[I’ve been holding back and trying not to ask this question throughout the entire interview. I finally blurt it out.] Captain Data, could you tell me what happened to you? And B-4? How was the Soong Foundation able to recover you?

[He gives me a slight smile.] I’m afraid I am not at liberty to say at this time.

I apologize for asking so personal a question.

Please do not concern yourself. It is, after all, a natural question to ask.