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Events[edit | edit source]

  • Federation analysts predict that the Romulan Star Empire is vulnerable to internal and external attacks due to the shakeup in the Romulan power structure. Starfleet dispatches additional ships to the Neutral Zone border.
    • Praetor Tal'aura removes Tomalak from his position as proconsul. Sela is chosen to succeed him as her right hand and fleet commander. Tomalak is allowed to retire to his rural estates on Romulus.
    • Tal'aura reluctantly agrees to negotiations with Empress Donatra's Imperial Romulan Senate to determine the location of a neutral zone, but rejects the Federation's offer to mediate the talks. Admiral Taris is sent to the Romulan capitol as Donatra's representative.
    • Stardate 61602.00: Tal'aura is found dead in her chambers. Tal Shiar investigations reveal that the praetor was attacked in her sleep. Many groups on Romulus are accused of the crime, including: an alliance of the noble houses; the Tal Shiar; and agents working for Empress Donatra (who denies any involvement in the murder). At Tal'aura's funeral, Sela publicly blames the Remans and the Unification movement for the assassination.
  • Stardate 61829.83: The IKS Quv is attacked by a Gorn ship. Two hundred and seven Klingons perish in the battle. According to King Xrathis of the Gorn Hegemony, the warship commander was acting without orders. After Xrathis refuses to surrender the survivors of the Quv to the Klingon Empire, Chancellor Martok expels the Gorn's diplomats from the empire and orders ships to the Klingon/Gorn border.
  • Bajor's renewed application for membership within the Federation is accepted. The Ferengi open an embassy and gift shop near Quark's on Deep Space Nine in anticipation of increased traffic and commerce resulting from Federation membership.
  • Odo, acting as the Great Link's ambassador to the solids, meets with Laas on Koralis III. Odo invites Laas to return with him to the Great Link, but his offer is refused, and Laas instead chooses to continue his search for more of the "hundred" changelings in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.
  • Starfleet transfers the Soong-type android B-4 to the custody of the Soong Foundation in the hopes that his full positronic functioning can be restored.

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