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Events[edit | edit source]

  • Praetor Tal'aura imposes limits on replicator use and food rationing on Romulus in an attempt to preserve precious resources for the support of the campaign against Empress Donatra and her Imperial Romulan State.
    • Rioting ensues in the capital of Ki Baratan due to the shortages, lasting several days. Tal'aura orders several military troops to intervene, resulting as many as 2,000 deaths from either rioting or military intervention.
    • Tal'aura is granted several privileges by the Senate, including the ability to declare war without Senate approval.
  • Ambassador Spock returns to Romulus and the Unification movement, which vows to continue to "wage peace" on Romulus.
  • Stardate 60900.31: Fleet Commander Tomalak attacks Donatra's fleet at Xanitla, but his forces are defeated in the battle. Admiral Taris and the twelve vessels under her command then defect to the Imperial side.
  • The Cardassian government signs a new agreement with the Federation, which will provide aid and relief. The reconstruction of Lakarian City begins, while a resurgence of interest in ancient lore among Cardassians is set off by several archaeological discoveries on the world.
    • The Oralians start to hold services openly and seek followers among the population, both of which were previously outlawed by the Cardassian Union. The True Way continues to call for a return to a totalitarian state.
  • The Klingon Empire and the Federation are in disagreement over the morality concerning the former's takeover of Khitomer. The Federation Council decides not to formally censure the empire for its miliary action; however, the mere fact that the Council voted on the matter is enough for Qo'noS to temporarily recall its ambassador to the Federation.
    • Several Klingon High Council members demand that Chancellor Martok banish all Federation ambassadors from Klingon space. Martok refuses, causing Councilor Qolka to challenge him in (and subsequently lose) a duel of honor to the death.
  • Rear Admiral James Bennett of the Starfleet Judge Advocate General's office rules that the Data Decision is too narrow to be used in the case of The Doctor's mobile emitter transfer request. The Doctor is found to not be the property of Starfleet, but his sentience is left for another discussion. The Doctor's counsel appeals the decision, further prolonging the case.
(See TNG: The Measure Of A Man and VOY: Author, Author)

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