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2270 is the year during which the events of Agents of Yesterday are set up until the mission “The Battle of Caleb IV”.

Events[edit | edit source]

  • Starfleet revisits the Murasaki-12 Effect after a survey ship is destroyed in the area by Klingon forces.
  • The Federation and the Gorn Hegemony each maintain a presence in the Edren System. Because of this, the Romulan Star Empire tries to manipulate both powers into war, however their plan is foiled by the Federation forces.
  • Deep Space K-13 disappears under mysterious circumstances after an attack of the neural parasites.
  • A Klingon fleet attacks a Starfleet colony in the Caleb System. When they arrive there they find Federation forces prepared to defend the planet, this way starting the Battle of Caleb IV, the first battle in which the Klingons made use of Cloaking Technology.
  • The Enterprise encounters a Starfleet ship from the 25th Century and helps to fend off B'vat's forces.
  • Starfleet begins to refit its Constitution Class Cruisers.
  • Klingon physiology reverts to its original form by this time, after nearly a century of mutations.

Alternate realities[edit | edit source]

  • In an alternate reality created by the Na'kuhl meddling of the Template:Babel Conference, the Federation annexed Coridan, and by this year the situation has degraded further with an opposition movement taking hostages.
  • In another alternate timeline, this time created by a Na'kuhl attack on the Tholians, in 2270 the Tholians begin the mobilization of their troops against the federation thinking they had been responsable for the unprovoked attacked two years earlier.

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