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The 10th Anniversary Legendary Starship Bundles are two bundles released for the 10 Year Anniversary Event. Both bundles contain 10 ships, including unique costumes and traits, with a premium bundle adding on extras such as [Master Key]s and Lobi Crystals.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Initially, the bundles were available from 13 February 2020 to 9 March 2020 on PC, and from 26 March 2020 to 20 April 2020 on Console. They returned on PC for one weekend on 13 June 2020 to 14 June 2020 to celebrate the announcement of the Legendary Romulan Captain Bundle.

Standard and premium bundles[edit | edit source]

The following starships are included in both bundles along with all previous costumes, consoles and traits for the ship, plus an additional account-wide trait and an exclusive new ship costume.

Starship Exclusive addition
Connie Jefferies.png Legendary Miracle Worker Light Cruiser
Jefferies' Phase II concept design
Trait: The Best Diplomat
Donnie Eaves.png Legendary Temporal Flight Deck Carrier
Eaves' concept design
Trait: Weaponized Time Crystals
Konnie - Beyond.jpg Legendary Intel Battlecruiser
Star Trek: Beyond refit costume
Trait: Heard I Needed Help
Crossfield Glenn.png Legendary Temporal Operative Science Vessel
Glenn-class costume
Trait: Temporal Anchor
Defiant - Legendary teeth.jpg Legendary Pilot Warship
Defiant class
Nose art costume
Trait: Over-Powered and Over-Gunned
Galaxy Ross.png Legendary Command Exploration Cruiser
Galaxy class
Ross-class costume
Trait: Make it So
Voyager Warship.png Legendary Miracle Worker Multi-Mission Science Vessel
Intrepid class
Warship variant
Trait: Extensively Modified Warp Core
Columbia class.jpg Legendary Temporal Operative Escort
NX class
Columbia-class costume
Trait: Field-Modified Overload Support
Odyssey Verity.png Legendary Command Dreadnought Cruiser
Odyssey class
Verity-class costume
Trait: Continuing Mission
Sovereign Nemesis.png Legendary Miracle Worker Assault Cruiser
Sovereign class
Star Trek: Nemesis refit costume
Trait: Transcranial Sensor Link

Standard bundle[edit | edit source]

The standard bundle retails for 30,000 Zen small icon.png with an opening sale price of 19,500 Zen small icon.png for the initial two weeks.

  • After buying this pack, the 10 ships will appear in the Tier 6 category in the Ships tab of the Zen Store. These are unlocked for the whole account.

Premium bundle[edit | edit source]

The premium bundle includes all of the content of the standard bundle, plus;

Once per account;
Account wide;

Exclusive player title: "Legend of the Quadrants"

  • After buying this pack, the 10 ships will appear in the Tier 6 category in the Ships tab of the Zen Store. These are unlocked for the whole account.
  • After buying this pack the ship slots, keys, R&D Packs, Tech Upgrades, Specialization Points, Phoenix Boxes, Epic Phoenix Token, Lobi, and Dilithium will automatically be granted to the character who buys this product. These rewards are only granted once per account. 2 Specialization Points will automatically apply to your captain.
  • After buying this pack, the exclusive title will appear as a separate product in the Promotions tab and can be claimed on all characters on an account.

The premium bundle retails for 45,000 Zen small icon.png with an opening sale price of 29,300 Zen small icon.png for the initial two weeks.

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