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100 Fleet Mark Bonus Pool
Very Rare Inventory
Consumed On Use
20% Fleet Mark Boost
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

You will earn 20% additional Fleet Marks until you have earned a total of 100 additional Fleet Marks. (Minimum bonus of 1 Fleet Mark, every time at least one is earned.)
Value: 100,000 Energy credit icon.png

The 100 Fleet Mark Bonus Pool is a consumable bonus pool item that provides a single character with a 20 percent increase in the amount of Fleet Marks earned during play until a total of 100 additional Fleet Marks (Minimum bonus of 1 Fleet Mark, everytime at least one is earned.

Additional bonus pool boosts can activated to increase the bonus pool.


This item can be purchased from a Fleet Starbase for 15,000 Fleet Credit icon.png. It can also be found in all lock boxes released since the [Temporal Lock Box], including the [Infinity Lock Box], but excluding the [Dominion Lock Box].

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