Yoc'm Bacterial Antigen

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Yoc'm Bacterial Antigen
Unique - Max of one per character

Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
Small Hypo icon.png
Common icon.png

Yoc'm Bacterial Antigen is a special Hypospray, the player creates during “Quarantine” in Dr. Yoc'm's lab on Deep Space K-7 to counter an infection caused by alien bacteria.


  • This should revert the effects of the Yoc'm Bacteria


To create the antigen access the replicator in the alcove to the left of nurse Lepa, and use the Diluted Sulfuric Acid environment, a Platinum surface (or any other except Gold, Silver, Zinc), the Calcium EDTA and Unithiol. Use the antigen on the quartermaster lying on the ground in a corner of the Medical Lab to finish the task.