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Visit the Bridge is the fourth option under the More button located on the lower right corner of the minimap. This option places your character on the current ship's bridge. Allowing the player to access the Ship Interior. The typical bridge consists of the bridge officers and their assigned stations. The Captain's Ready Room and a turbolift will be located just off the bridge.

The triangle below the Help and Support button and to the right of the Fleet button opens the dropdown menu that includes Visit Bridge options


[edit] Bridge Command Actions

From the bridge the player is allowed to do following; Bridge Invitations, Leave the Ship Interior, sit in the big chair, enter the Ready Room, or use the turbolift.

[edit] Bridge Invitations

The player is allow to invite other players to visit the ship. The player must know the name@handle format to use this option.

[edit] Leave the Ship Interior

Returns the player from where they initiated the Visit the Bridge option.

[edit] Ready Room

Allows the player to setup and view trophies. Also a console at the desk allows access to Duty Officer Reports.

[edit] Turbolift

The turbolift allows the player access to three decks;

  • Crew Deck - consists of Captain's Quarters, Lounge, and Sick Bay
  • Engineering - consists of Warp Core, Engineering Lab, and Transporter Room
  • Bridge - consists of Captain's Ready Room and the Bridge