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Veteran Rewards are rewards granted to players once they have held an active and paid subscription to the game for a specific amount of time. These can include accolades, player titles, costume pieces, emotes, ships, and account services.

Veteran rewards apply and are available to all current and future characters on an account. Time spent as a silver or f2p player do not count towards these totals. Former gold players now playing as silver also do not accumulate time for these awards. Purchasing a lifetime membership immediately grants all veteran rewards, previous subscription time notwithstanding.

There are currently no plans for any veteran rewards beyond 1000 days.


[edit] 100 Days

Stalwart icon.png

[edit] 200 Days

Redoubtable icon.png

[edit] 300 Days

Dauntless icon.png

[edit] 400 Days

Valiant icon.png

[edit] 500 Days

Relentless icon.png

[edit] 600 Days

Magnificent icon.png

[edit] 700 Days

Impressive icon.png

[edit] 800 Days

The Vigilant icon.png

[edit] 900 Days

Veteran Decorated Belt & Veteran Decorated Wrist Attaches
Jupiter Veteran Decorated Gold Jacket

The Guardian icon.png

[edit] 1000 Days

Starfleet Veteran icon.png

[edit] Checking Eligibility

[edit] Your Account Page

The most accurate way to check your eligibility for veteran rewards is by visiting your account on the Star Trek Online official site.

[edit] In Game

Alternatively, you can check your eligibility for veteran rewards in game by looking for the relevant Accolades in your mission journal. The accolade will not appear as in progress for those waiting on the 500, 600, 700, or 800 day accolade.

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